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 By Sarah Palin

Beginner's guide for minimal fashion.

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Minimalism has become a common word in today’s discourse on fashion. It has gradually emerged as a dark horse and now taken forefront in the fight against fast fashion and high levels of consumerism. The concept of minimalism is an unchartered territory that requires sufficient understanding of the idea before you start practicing it in your everyday life.

Did you come across a figure on Instagram that exudes elegance, seriousness, and sophisticated authority through her posts? Have your recently met such a personality that has pushed you to think about your sartorial choices? Someone, who looks very polished and posh even when they wear a tee shirt and jeans? Well, the answer to all of these questions is found in minimalist fashion. 

Why choose minimal styles?

Following a trail of classic minimalism in fashion introduces you to a fuss-free world. It is a style that appeals global audiences and avoids excessive embellishments to maintain a clear cut look. Your clothes are tailored according to your preferences, without any hard and fast rules about silhouette and cuts. The looks labelled under classic minimalism are simply timeless and are often designed from pieces that could have been sitting in your closet for many years. Those invested in analytical professions tend to reflect their stoic thoughts through their fashion choices. This is often observed when such an individual seems too dressed up in even a pair of jeans and plain white tee shirt. The idea here is not limited to wearing an aged piece of clothing; instead the goal is to carry a piece with such definition and grace that your love for order and neatness is reflected in your compact and coordinated wardrobe. One which may resemble a capsule wardrobe built on the principles of bold and clean. 

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The classic minimalist details in your clothing

If you have been planning to implement a minimalist or a summer style in your everyday wardrobe then it’s the details that will narrate your story. You need to keep an open eye about the construction, fabric, colors, cuts and tailored silhouette. While such details tend to bore out the majority of fashion enthusiasts, you might find your perfect fit in such nuanced detailing. Here is a list of details that you need to be pay attention to in order to create the finest, yet minimalist wardrobe for yourself. 

The quality of the fabric and its construction

The quality of the fabric plays a critical role. You need to find pieces that sit well with the contours of your body and the details of your everyday itinerary. If you are into perfecting the details of each outfit then wearing an ill-fitted, polka dot blouse would only irk your ire. You must make the choices very carefully so that you cut the hassle of fixing crooked seams and blotchy patches that lack precision. The essence of minimalism is in the precision. You must invest in pieces wisely, as they will be frequented almost every other day, 

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The use of colors

The use of solid colors in the best bet when it comes to minimalism in clothing. Solids are relatively easy to mix and match as they provide a tamed, streamlined look that is easy to repeat. Your solid pieces would give you room to repeat an outfit without calling attention to the limited choices in your wardrobe. 

Wearing solid pieces is the best way to blot out the chaos of the outer world as it helps you limit stimulation in the given environment. You may not be able to control the chaos outside, but you can definitely cover yourself up in a stable color. Neutral shades such as navy, white, black and other earthy and ecru tones can become your companions and help you exude the style carried by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton. 

The silhouette

The tailored lines of your clothing are a direct reflection of your attitude towards life. You need clothes that do not require fixing and pulling up every few seconds and cut down your efficiency. Once you are dressed, your clothes should not call your attention all the time. Any piece that requires readjustment and interrupts your train of thoughts is simply too high maintenance. 

Remember it is the fit that matters most for it is the ideal accessory you need. If you choose to wear slouchy pieces that fail to fit your body, you start looking unkempt and inefficient. Two characteristics that must be avoided at all costs. In order to make each piece look custom-made for you, it is ideal to learn some basics of tailoring to cut your costs and save time. 

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The accessories

Simplicity is the foundation of minimalism. This is why hassle-free accessories are often chosen by the practitioners of minimal fashion. You must choose items that are practical and do not require constant attention. Stud earrings, delicate necklaces, and sturdy watches are few pieces of jewelry that are easily implemented in such cases. 

This is why your jackets and bags should also be well cut and made to perfections. You can visit online stores to find things that fit the description of clean and bold from some of the most decorated women leather jacket collection. Also, you must be mindful of the sunglasses you choose and the wedding band you wear every day. The goal is to choose pieces that don’t break the monochrome of your wardrobe. 

Subtlety is your best friend here. 

Final Thoughts

Boiling down the cauldron of minimalist fashion, one realizes that it consists of a few foundational pieces. These include solid colored items, alternating pencil skirts, easy to carry blouses and a few capsule pieces such as trench coats, ballet flats, and everything black. The catch here is to invest in items that are devoid of details that reveal their age. 

If you are an individual seriously invested in latest trends and riding each wave of fashion, then it is obvious that the timeless classic minimalism is not the right choice for you.

At the end of the day, you should choose clothes that make you look stunning and boost your confidence. That is all that matters!

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Sarah is a fashion enthusiast and has the soul of a traveler. Staying atop the fashion trends, styling and grooming are etched in every fiber of her being. Not only that, but she loves to share her thoughts with a myriad of people via her blogs.

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