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for Stay-at-Home Glam

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The past few months have been unlike any in history in many ways, including in regards to fashion. With people everywhere confined to their homes during the pandemic, style went from over-the-top outfits to catch your eye on Instagram to 24/7 stay-at-home cozies like leggings and loungewear. For those who still wanted to feel glam, however, a few loungewear styles will upgrade you. We’ve rounded up five gorgeous loungewear looks to keep comfy and chic while at home.

Favorite Tee + Silky Joggers

To take your loungewear looks to the next level, choose simple cuts in nice fabrics that will feel soft and look expensive. A pair of neutral toned silky joggers look elevated, yet are essentially still a form of PJs. Add your favorite tee and some gold hoops for a stylish laze-around-the-house look.

Tech Track Pants with a Soft Knit Sweater

Pull out your favorite running pants made of the tech fabric that makes the ‘swish’ sound when you walk and get ready to turn sporty into chic. Tech pants can easily be elevated with a cozy fine-knit sweater that tucks in at the drawstring waist. Some stylish white sneakers look right at home with your pants, while a pretty gold necklace completes the top of your outfit.

Bike Shorts + Slogan Sweater

You didn’t think bike shorts would make this list, did you? Lucky for you, they are actually super versatile and can look high-end with the right styling. Instead of the usual sports bra and t-shirt combo, throw on a fine-knit sweater with a sweet or sarcastic slogan; your choice. Wear out of the house with a pair of ankle booties or even some kitten heel mules.

Knit Co-ord 

A soft knit co-ord, particularly one with a skirt is truly heaven in at-home wear. There is nothing softer, nor more luxurious than being wrapped up in an all-knit ensemble. We love nude tones, like camel and white for summer.

Satin Lounge PJs

As with all the most glamorous looks that have graced the pages of fashion history, more is always more. If you really want to feel like a movie star in your home, spend the day in your satin PJs. Bonus points if they have feather cuffs and even more points if you wear them with heels. 

For the time being, we may be relegated to Zoom parties, rather than nights on the town, but that doesn’t mean our wardrobe has to suffer. There are plenty of ways to pull together an elevated lounge outfit that will not only boost morale, but also look fab!

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