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 By Claire Hastings

During The Pandemic

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The tourism industry has taken a huge hit since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is no surprise considering the rules regarding social distancing and self-isolation. Therefore, many people who planned to go somewhere new this year, have been forced to stay at home. If you’re one of them, then it makes sense if this whole situation is making you uncomfortable. But, there are ways to travel luxuriously, so in this text, here are some tips on how to make more upscale trips possible, even during the pandemic.

1. Consider visiting smaller boutique hotels

Hotels have been taken a big blow since many guests cancelled their reservations. Even now, the situation if not ideal, so if you love spending time in intimate hotels, feel free to find a smaller boutique hotel near you, as they’re probably in need of new guests. Staying in such a place has its upsides: not too many other guests around, which will allow you for maximum privacy to enjoy lavish amenities that the majority of boutique hotels have. If there are any natural beauties or monuments worth visiting near the hotel, then pack your bags and treat yourself to a fresh new experience!

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2. A spa weekend sounds good

Being able to take some time off is one of the biggest luxuries that you could give to yourself. And if you want to indulge in a luxurious trip that won’t be too long, then feel free to consider a spa weekend. This type of mini-vacation is perfect for all the busy folks who can’t find enough time to go to a regular long trip. Going away for a weekend and immersing yourself into a luxurious spa experience is going to help you relax and recharge, especially if you are working at a stressful job.

3. Off-shore adventure is always enticing

Cruise trips have been a riskier way of travelling, but if you decide on such type of travel, you’ll be surprised by how much privacy you’ll actually have. Off-shore adventure is a brilliant travel option as it doesn’t require socializing with too many strangers. So if you’ve been stuck on figuring out where to go, feel free to consider international all inclusive yacht charters as such experience will allow you to visit many new places without risking your health spending hours in airport lines. This is especially important to all high-end travellers who have limited time on their hands due to multiple work commitments. Even if not, an off-shore trip will surely suit you if you love privacy and luxury.

4. An isolated deluxe villa might also work for you

Staying in a private villa is a sure way to have time only to yourself without having to interact with other guests or tourists unless you decide to do so. But, before you decide to rent a villa, make sure to browse all the available options so you could be sure you’re opting for the right type of accommodation. Plus, staying in a private place is a much safer option, especially for those who still fear the pandemic and its consequences. Also, if you’re afraid of interacting with too many people, you can always refuse the chef and maintenance services that usually go with renting a villa.

5. Glamping is another fun option

Staycation is when you ditch foreign travel in favour of domestic trips. However, staycation doesn’t have to be boring, because there are fun (and luxurious!) ways to relax and enjoy some time off. Glamping is a relatively new concept, and it’s a blend of words “glamorous” and “camping”. Meaning, if you opt for such type of travel, you’ll hardly spend time wearing a raincoat shivering under a tent, because glamping is an extraordinary experience that combines today’s technology with yesterday’s comforts. Therefore, if you opt for a glamping experience, you’ll likely enjoy a lot of luxurious perks while still enjoying nature and outdoor activities.

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Taking a trip in the middle of the pandemic doesn’t have to be dangerous, especially if you want to invest to make it worthwhile. However, following the travel rules and guidelines can be of huge help, so be sure to that, especially if you’re travelling to a foreign country. Taking luxurious travel is something you definitely deserve, and these suggestions will likely be the right way for you to relax and experience something new.

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