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A Perfect Escape Away From Your Boring Life

Escape Hour
Photo courtesy of Escape Hour

Scientific evolution has created a great norm of virtual worlds that helps as an escape route for many people. Each world can transport people to an unknown venture where they play and conquer. Most of the games are fun and help people break free from their boring and monotonous schedule.

In this article, I am going to discuss one such company or organization that provides cool rooms for virtual play. The name of the company is Escape Hour.

What is Escape Hour?

Escape Hour (based in Edmonton, Calgary) is a company that provides great rooms for fun play. This includes mainly the locker room, quest room to name a few with many hidden puzzles and hints.

The company on the is highly renowned for its great set of dedicated themes and various kinds of gameplay. Apart from these, numerous battle rooms test contestants head to head.

Why Escape Hour?

This kind of industry is indeed growing in a rapid manner where there is a lot of competition between different companies to lure more and more customers.

I have already mentioned all the creative and innovative themes that Escape Hour provides to all the customers. But the best thing about them is the customer satisfaction they provide.

They provide a personalized room that allows their customers to have complete privacy and play games only with their friends and family. Apart from this they also have an astounding feature of Game master that provides time to time hints and cues to solve the puzzle quickly.

They also provide great cost-effective packages to all the customers. These include great gift cards that have promo codes to facilitate the cost-cutting so that you have the perfect virtual reality experience.

Escape Hour
Photo courtesy of Escape Hour

What events do they handle?

There are multiple events that they handle. These include birthday parties and corporate team bonding exercises.

These kinds of companies are highly essential for the corporate team bonding events as they majorly cater to the games that need teamwork and trust.

The other benefits of these companies in general

There are other numerous kinds of benefits associated with these companies. They not only help to bring out people from their monotonous life as discussed above but also help people to rediscover trust and teamwork which is not possible while playing in an isolated room.


In the end, all the bright and positive things are highlighted about Escape Hour and why people should give a try in this company.

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