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 By Alycia Gordon

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Did you paint your nails red on Valentine’s Day? Did you get Mickey Mouse nail art on your Disney Date? Or have you painted your nails in the colors of a rainbow to support the LGBTQ+ community?

Whether you have indulged in either of these fun nail activities or even thought of trying them at least once, you must have noticed how the condition of your nails can influence your mood.

Essentially, your nails are a canvas that allows you to express yourself unabashedly. They are not just a body part comprised of keratin and other proteins that needs to be trimmed every few days but instead; they are an indicator of your health.

As time introduces us to a new set of nail practices and arts, we have all come across the unhealthy and rather painful regimens that please our aesthetic sensibilities. From gel nails to baking nail art under blue lights, each practice can have an adverse effect on your nails' health. 

Perhaps, this is why they say beauty is pain. But then that opens the debacle on conformity and beauty standards, which is indeed a debate for another day!

For now, take a close look at your fingernails and give them your undiluted attention. Do you think your nails are strong? Do they look healthy? Are they in the best shape, or dis you find a streak of an unusual color running in the middle of your fingernails?

For a vast majority of the nail woes, a little love and a lot of care is the only combination required to restore the nails to their ideal shape.

Today, we will peruse the list of dos and don’ts for healthy nails. From essential tips on nail maintenance to a few tips from the beauty gurus, here is a comprehensive guide for keeping your nails happy and healthy.

So without much ado, let’s jump right into it!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Develop a nail care routine

A nail care routine is the best way to ensure optimal health. From regular trimmings to keeping the nails dry and clean, each of these habits will need a little time to get integrated into your daily routine. Start a nail care routine today.

Invest in high-quality nail care

Your nails deserve all the love and care. This is why investing a few extra dollars in high-quality moisturizers and professional scrubs, files, and other tools will be very beneficial to you in the long term. 

Give your nails a little TLC 

A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to your toenails. Try to keep your toenails warm and toasty in fuzzy socks to ensure that your nails remain moisturized and safe during the long winter months.

Ensure cleanliness for the nails and nail tools

As common sense as it may seem, some people tend to be forgetful about their hands and feet' hygiene. Considering the second wave of the pandemic being fiercer than the first, it is necessary to keep your nails clean. Remember to sanitize and sterilize the tools you use on your nails to maintain consistency in hygiene standards.

Add nail nourishment to your diet

Add vitamins and minerals to your diet that facilitate the growth of healthier nails. Consult your doctor about the consumption of zinc and biotin. Both of these nutrients play a critical role in the health of hair, skin, and nails. You can either add them to your diet through fruits and vegetables or grab a few supplements for convenience!

Glove up underwater

Keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized is essential for growth and health, but that does not mean that you can soak your hands for days. It is advised to wear gloves while washing dishes, cleaning the house with strong surface cleaners to ensure that your nails remain intact and uninjured. 

Take care of the ingrown nails ASAP

If you get ingrown nails, then you must treat them immediately. Letting an ingrown nail grow out will only give you more pain and also exacerbate the condition. Whether you have mastered the art of clearing them or require assistance, either way, it is beneficial to treat the condition immediately.

Indulge in spa days

Your nails are warriors. They go tapping for miles on screens and computers while you are at the office or in school. These unsung heroes on your fingers and toes must be given some rest and royal treatment. This is why we suggest our readers to look for the best nail salons in town.

We would advise to just Google “nail salon in Schertz” and visit the nail salon that has awesome reviews. Spend a little time exploring your options to find a place that matches your expectations. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Don’t treat your nails like Swiss knives

Do remember to treat your nails like a body part instead of a Swiss knife. Flipping the tab on a can or scraping a surface with your nails can damage the shaft or even lead to shock injuries. This is why we advise our readers to be careful about their nails. 

Don’t share your nail tools

Sharing nail tools is very unsafe. It can lead to an exchange of harmful bacteria, skin conditions, or even deadly viruses. It is better to politely refuse to share your nail maintenance tools as opposed to regretting it later!

Don’t let your nails sit in water for too long

We are reiterating practice because people tend to forget about their nails when enjoying a day at the beach or in the pool. The more you expose your nails to water, the more your nails will chip, and your cuticles will peel!

Don’t bite your nails even when your nerves go haywire

Biting your nails is not good for your health. It damages the patterns of growth and can also transfer bacteria orally. It is natural to bite nails in anxious moments, but you must be careful about your health!

Don’t go barefoot in the summer

Walking barefoot in the grass may seem like a romantic idea, but it is an open invitation to toe fungus at the end of the day. It is better to keep your footwear on as you stroll through the grass because health comes first. 

Don’t hesitate to approach professionals

If you discover something unusual about your nails or feel like you need a little change in nails, then feel free to contact a professional. The potential of a high-end manicure cannot be denied!

Final Thoughts

Remember that good nail care is simple and straightforward. All you really need to do is to keep your nails dry and clean, shaped and polished. Following these four tips with basic hygiene is more than enough to get the beautiful nails you desire!

Also, you must keep an open eye for any changes in your nails. Uniform color and lack of spots and lines is the ideal condition. However, if you find any worrisome discoloration, then it is critical to contact a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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