Monday, December 21, 2020


 By Eva Fydrych

And How to Wear Them

Photos: ShoesSee; Winter photo created by marymarkevich -

Shopping for winter boots is never an easy task. With so many products on the market, it's hard to decide which style and colour you should go for. That's why we partnered up with ShoesSee and prepared a couple of styling tips and colour suggestions that will help you choose your favourite pair this winter. Read on!

Plain Flat Velvet Round Toe Casual Knee High Flat Boots (Photo courtesy of ShoesSee)

Flat boots are not only super comfortable, but they will also look great with skinny jeans, leggings, and winter dresses. It's an effortless yet stylish look for every day. Choose light beige (pictured above) if you are searching for a more refined, fashionable look.

Plain Chunky Round Toe Boots (Photo courtesy of ShoesSee)

High heeled boots in classic brown are suitable for many occasions and will look amazing combined with short or long print dresses. Add a camel coat and an oversized hat and you are ready to go!

Women's Fashion Thick Heel Boots (Photo courtesy of ShoesSee)

While searching for women's shoes online, let's not forget about short black boots that are perfect for a day in the office and will look fantastic with both a pencil skirt and an elegant suit.

In the evening, you can easily transform your look and wear them for a dinner or drinks.

Women's Fashion Square Heel Low Boots (Photo courtesy of ShoesSee)

Funky blue boots (pictured above) will satisfy all boho lovers and will prove that winter outfits don't need to be boring. Wear them with shorter jeans and a cream teddy bear coat or jacket.

Women's Fashion Thick Heel Boots (Photo courtesy of ShoesSee)

Our favourite option, mid-calf suede boots in elegant camel, don't really need recommendation. This stylish option - seen on the streets of many fashion capitals around the world -  can be worn with animal print skirt and a white sweater as pictured above. Enjoy your winter!

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