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The heart of the artichoke (also called artichoke stock) is the central part of the plant from which all the leaves are attached. It is the heart of the artichoke that is edible, not the bitter leaves of the vegetable. We therefore eat the heart and a little of this heart on each of the leaves that we peel off as we eat the artichoke.

By analogy with the way you eat the artichoke, an artichoke heart gives a little of its love to every new person you meet. And since there are a lot of leaves in an artichoke, that makes them lovers! So it's simply a metaphor between the many leaves (with a little heart for each) and love in spades.

There are things we would like to say to those Albuquerque singles we love. But we do not always know where to start, how to find the right ones, to convey the right intention. Today, we help you get started and send the most beautiful letter.

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My most beautiful letter

As opposed to the heart of stone which feels nothing, the heart of artichoke, on the other hand, gets carried away for everything and nothing! But, what exactly is an artichoke heart? What is the origin of this expression? Do you have an artichoke heart? What are the advantages and disadvantages? We discover it right away together!

Let’s break down the expression

But what can be the relationship between this dicotyledonous plant of the Asteraceae family belonging to the genus Cynara (thank you Wikipedia! And it's always classy to fit into a conversation that too!) And a person who easily and often falls in love, for example Albuquerque single women?

Well, it’s simple! The peculiarity of this vegetable lies in the fact that from its center, its heart therefore, many leaves stand out that it is customary to share with one's table. Just like someone who is said to have an artichoke heart gives a little of their heart (love therefore) to anyone they think is a little worthy of interest! This expression dates from the end of the 19th century. It originally comes from this proverb: "artichoke heart, a leaf for everyone". Now we can't say that you no longer understand the comparison!

But what exactly is it?

Whether you have an artichoke heart yourself or know some around you, these people are usually easily spotted! These are people who fall in love very easily, but really very quickly, too quickly. At the slightest sign of affection: an outing to the cinema, a shared meal, a simple, harmless physical contact ... and bang! The artichoke heart already feels in love! Yes good except that it does not necessarily last ... But that does not matter to him, since from the following month, he / she is already in love with someone else! And so on…

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Enough to immediately echo Dom Juan's tirade about inconstancy: "What? Do you want us to bind ourselves to remaining with the first object that takes us, that we renounce the world for it, and that we no longer have eyes for anyone? The beautiful thing of wanting to pride ourselves on the false honor of being faithful, of being buried forever in a passion, and of having died from his youth to all the other beauties that can strike our eyes! No, no: consistency is only good for ridiculous; all the beauties have the right to charm us… ”

You will easily find the complete tirade on the internet, if not, run and buy Molière's play, it is excellent!

Do you have a heart of a dicotyledonous plant from the Asteraceae family belonging to the genus Cynara?

Do you fall (very) easily in love? As soon as you meet a man / woman, does it take a little while before you go head over heels for it?

Every week (or every month) you have the impression of having found the rare pearl, your chosen one, your soulmate?

Love, Breakup, Declaration

Do you only live for the delicious transports that the feeling of love affords you?

You are often disappointed because you give everything (too much!) And that inevitably, in return you receive very little in comparison?

So look no further ... You have an artichoke heart!

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Why is this good?

You have faith in the man (and / or the woman)! For you, people all deserve to be loved for who they are! You are far from those disillusioned people who consider that love is a waste of time, since Man is irrecoverable! In short, you are full of beautiful and good feelings, hope and love, and that is something very good! We all really need it in this world!

You have to be very romantic, you live your life like in movies and novels, which can have these good sides! Obviously you sometimes get a little melodramatic, but hey ... Whoever has never done so throws the first stone at you! You live your relationships to the fullest, and your partners will certainly never come and complain that you are leaving them! Be careful, however, not to overdo it ... We can see that immediately.

Why is it less good ...

You do a lot, really a lot. Because you bond quickly yes, but it is rarely reciprocated. And so inevitably it's scary, and it makes you flee. Or the person is doing their best, but their feelings aren't as strong, so their attentions aren't reciprocated enough to satisfy you. So you experience a lot of disappointment in love ... But you know how to get up quickly! If that’s not a good quality!

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Be careful, however, not to distribute your love too much blindly from right to left, know how to temper yourself, otherwise you risk easily missing the right person! So moderate your little heart, and really ask yourself the question the next time your artichoke heart is racing: Am I really in love with this person? Or would I not rather be in love with this delicious feeling that overwhelms me?

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