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By Juno Yates

That Have True Staying Power

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Branding is dynamic rather than static, meaning it is constantly changing. The chicest branding trends of 2021 are significantly different from those that were popular the prior years and also have the potential to prove different from the top trends in the years to come. Let’s take a quick look at the hottest branding trends in the spring of ’21 that might prove just as effective in the years ahead.

The Beauty of Imperfection

Branding experts are quickly learning that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning imperfections have the potential to make a positive and lasting impact. A flawless visual presentation certainly appeals to most people yet a growing number of people are becoming increasingly willing to recognize there is also beauty in imperfection. Take a close look at the top emerging brands and you will find many of them are intentionally rough.

People have inherent flaws so they are inclined to identify with brands that are at least slightly fallible. Consumers are intrigued by slight flaws including asymmetric imagery, messy writing, images that are disproportionate and other imperfections. In particular, our digital strategy agency has found that younger consumers respond with enthusiasm to imperfect brand designs, as individuals in this age cohort tend to be more open-minded than their elders.

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Activism is En Vogue

The days of brands refusing to enter the political and social justice forays are quickly coming to an end. Social activism is now on-trend in the context of branding, largely because youngsters in the massive millennial age cohort and also those in the comparably small Generation Z age cohort are justice-minded. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of consumers’ desire for social change and are responding accordingly. Brands that include a clear stance on social and political issues in their branding campaigns win the dollars and also the loyalty of social justice warriors as well as those who want to make a difference without voicing their opinions.

Branding With an Immersive Experience

Companies that invest the time and effort necessary to create branding with a truly immersive experience are that much more likely to make a powerful and lasting impact on the target audience that ultimately moves those prospects through the sales funnel. Compare the feedback from those treated to immersive branding experiences to those of people who merely see a logo or slogan and you will find the former is vastly superior to the later.

People crave stories and journeys as opposed to abbreviated slogans, logos and other symbols representative of the company. Businesses that provide consumers with a memorable experience, be it a story or an interactive component really are that much more likely to convert those prospects and retain their business across posterity. The industry’s best brand strategy services include subtleties such as a unique unboxing experience goes a long way in hiking prospect conversion and customer retention rates.

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Humanizing the Brand

Putting a face to the brand name is one of the hottest branding trends of the new year. Instead of strictly relying on a logo or slogan to heighten brand awareness, companies are now choosing to use people for branding purposes. In particular, companies are now using faces, especially those that are expressive, to humanize their brand.

Adding faces to branding materials makes it that much easier for prospective consumers to relate to the company and its brand, ultimately increasing the chances of converting them into paying clients. Digital strategy services are now creating illustrations for branding campaigns that look similar to actual people yet are not exact replicas of real individuals. The artful use of illustrated people allows for branding with full control, ensuring the brand is presented in an aesthetically intriguing manner that makes a truly indelible impact.

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