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By Justin Cody

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As the spring season approaches, do not let those breathtakingly beautiful floral dresses sit in your wardrobe. You need not be afraid of the sun anymore. Show off your skin and wear vibrant tones. Wear a bodycon, a long dress, or even a tight n sexy short dress; as long as it is floral, you are going to look A-MA-ZING.

Planning to look your best in the floral dresses you own? There are quite a few ways to look effortlessly beautiful in floral dresses. One just needs to know what to pair with it.

From the skinny to the plus-sized women, floral prints suit them all. So how about learning to style those floral dresses this spring and looking your very best?

Also, do not be mistaken; as much as floral prints are in for daytime meetings, they are equally celebrated on date nights. Just pick what’s right.

Disclaimer: we are going to talk too much floral.

Keep reading.

Put those jackets on

By jackets, we mean a magnificent leather jacket. Don’t know from where to start? Check out different leather jackets online and decide for yourself. Investing in a black or brown leather jacket can do wonders for you. Giving you the chic yet sophisticated look, attend a lunch, or even go on a daytime date. A few of them come with zips and look a bit too trendy. If you are out with your friends, that combo would be nothing less than the best.

Don’t you get a confidence boost with the jacket on?

Them happy feet

The wrong choice of footwear can make your entire look go from Yay to Nay.

Whichever you pick, it would be the extreme. Either you can choose to pair neutral sandals or heels or choose to wear floral ones, just like the dress. However, it is easier to choose when pairing neutral colors with a pattern, while the wrong patterns paired together can be a deal-breaker.

Picking sober shades would make you look more feminine while pairing the dress with the right choice of bold colors can give you a seductive, edgy, and classy look.

If you haven’t figured that out yet, you can even pair a floral dress with sneakers. So there is literally nothing that does not go with floral dresses. (Winks)

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Put on a hat

When it is a modestly sunny day, and you do not want to miss out on a plan you had for days, or even if you just want to go out and protect yourself from the heat, put on a hat. Look charming and appealing with a hat. On a day when you look nice, you know that you have another kind of confidence. Wearing a larger or a smaller hat depends upon where you are heading to. However, we approve of both.

Note: please do not wear floral print glasses with floral dresses. We don’t do that when we have to look chic.

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The ones with a buckle

You have an A-line floral dress? Invest in a leather belt that goes well with the color of your dress. Get a colorful belt in contrast with the pattern and see how chic you look with just one addition to your overall look. Belts make you look organized, professional, chic, and trendy, all at the same time.

Pro-tip: if you think your dress has too many colors, a belt can help to balance the many colors that may otherwise look all over the place.


Get a handbag in either black, white, brown, or even blue. Invest in a monotone, preferably in leather. Those are durable, go well with other dresses, and would not make your overall look too overwhelming. Why do we recommend that? Handbags with patterns can be used with only a selective clothing range. A solid color leather handbag can go with floral dresses and your basic clothing attire (i.e., Jeans and a Tee).

Word of caution: No, we aren’t the biggest fan of leather, but yeah, we are one big fan.

The daytime fairy look

If you are out in pleasant weather and are happy as well, then why not rekindle the flame of your inner flower child? Put your hair in a bun and adjust your favorite springtime flowers in it. Those who want to put their hair in a ponytail or a braid can braid the flower garland along.

Have hair a bit too short? No worries, it is time to wear a floral tiara with your floral dress.

If you think it is only for the young women out there, then you are wrong. Floral prints are for everyone. Even if you were not a woman, we would still say the same.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Yes, you read that right. Get a pastel-colored scarf that is monotone and without any pattern. Put that around your neck, tie it in a bow style or even use it to conjure a clean ponytail. The look would be complete. As far as the footwear is concerned, match it with the color of your accessories, and a complete (read: magnificent) look would be achieved.

Bottom line

The catch here is to not just pair the floral with one kind of accessory, but with a few things that also go well with one another. This is how a complete look is achieved.

You don’t own floral dresses? Jessica Harrelson said that “spring adds new life and new joy to all that is.” So, how about you add new life to your wardrobe by adding floral dresses to it? Pair the right pieces of clothing together, wear the accessory that goes well, but do not over accessorize. You would literally bloom like those floral patterns.

If it is a bit too sunny, wear a pair of trendy shades. That is also how one can style their floral dress in this spring and every other spring that comes.

Note: all things floral look the best regardless of your age, size, color, height, or any other physical feature. Just wear them wisely.

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