Sunday, May 16, 2021


By Eva Fydrych

Best clothes to wear outdoors

Photos courtesy of Wayrates

The outdoor adventure is calling! After months and months of staying indoors (due to the cold weather or lockdown restrictions imposed by so many countries worldwide), summertime is a great excuse for finally starting spending more time close to nature, getting fit, trying out new activities, and getting a little more adventurous in general.

No matter which activity you are going to choose, make sure that you are well-prepared for your next adventure and invest in some trendy clothes suitable for outdoor fun.

To help you with your shopping, we partnered up with Wayrates, an online store offering tactical clothing, outdoor clothes suitable for cycling and motorcycling, footwear, tactical gear, and more.

Have a look at our selection below and enjoy your outdoor adventure in style!

Men's Outdoor Quick-drying Breathable Tactical Top (Photo courtesy of Wayrates)

It goes without saying that dark clothes are better for certain type of activities and also quick-drying, breathable fabrics are a must if you want to stay comfortable throughout the whole day. Classic black top with long sleeves—which offer additional protection—is a stylish and very reasonable choice.

Commuting Street Workwear Multi-pocket Pure Color Pants (Photo courtesy of Wayrates)

For your next city adventure, choose one of Wayrates multi-pocket pants which are available in a variety of colours. Combine them with a T-shirt or a comfortable hoodie.

Basic V-Neck T-shirt (Photo courtesy of Wayrates)

Classic white T-shirt is one of wardrobe basics and you should own a couple of them. Other colours to consider: black, grey, and dark blue.

Casual retro mens multi-color sweatpants (Photo courtesy of Wayrates)

If you are feeling adventurous this spring, try adding some more colour to your wardrobe. Bright colours such as red or electric blue are an interesting equivalent to usual dark pants and will make you stand out from the crowd. Wear those pants with your favourite pair of white sneakers.

And for all those men who prefer a more classic way of dressing (but still suitable for outdoors and for staying active), there is a large selection of shirts for men on the website. Here is our favourite style:         

Men's outdoor long-sleeved loose tooling cotton shirt (Photo courtesy of Wayrates)

Those shirts come in a variety of colours as well and will look great with khaki or dark green pants.

Enjoy your next adventure! Spending time outdoors is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

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