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By Carrie Davis

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Getting effortless French style is simply a matter of investing in a couple of basic, versatile, and timeless wardrobe essentials Parisian girls swear by.

There’s something about the French-girl style that simply draws you in and makes you want to dress like a Parisian. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the clothing pieces that, when cleverly combined, work perfectly together, exuding balance and harmony. It may be the versatility and wearability of these basic pieces that have you wanting to Frenchify your closet. Or, it may simply be the elegance and confidence with which Parisian girls wear them that makes you want to dress like them.

Either way, we can all agree that Parisian women’s style is tres chic. The good news is that replicating the French look doesn’t have to be complex and challenging. It’s simply a matter of investing in basic pieces you can wear together, often, and for a very long time. With that in mind, here’s a couple of French wardrobe essentials that Parisian girls swear by.

A timeless white button-down shirt

If there’s one piece you can wear on the weekends, to special occasions, or to work, it’s definitely a button-down. More specifically, a classic white, well-fitted button-down shirt. Cotton or silk? Plain white or with stripes? Doesn’t matter! Button-downs are classic French wardrobe essentials that allow for so much versatility like no other clothing piece does. Because of that, they're also an inevitable component of every minimalist wardrobe. Wear them during the day and rely on accessories to take your button-down from day to night. Simply swap your sneakers for a pair of heels, put on a blazer, add a clutch, and voila! You’re ready for a night out in no time.

A simple white T-shirt

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Another wardrobe staple Parisian girls swear by, a simple T-shirt can go a long way in creating multiple outfit combinations. It can be worn with high-rise jeans, a skirt, under a dress, or layered with a fitted jacket or blazer. You can stick with plain white T-shirts or you can rely on trendy hand-painted tees for a pop of color. The options are pretty much endless nowadays when it comes to women's trendy clothing so feel free to experiment. The whole idea is to find pieces that are comfortable enough to be worn every day yet stylish and chic enough to spruce up different outfits. Sometimes, that will mean getting your hands on some trendier pieces that’ll add that oomph factor to your timeless looks.

A pair of high-rise, straight-leg jeans

Speaking of comfortable, versatile pieces that can be worn with every outfit, high-rise, straight-leg jeans are another French wardrobe must-have. Depending on the color, they are equally great of an option for daytime and nighttime. The only rule? Stick with lighter options for a more casual vibe, and reach for dark wash jeans for a more sophisticated look. French women also like to stay comfy when it comes to footwear, and a pair of white sneakers or loafers are the perfect finishing touches to the effortlessly chic jeans-and-a-T-shirt combo.

A little black dress

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When talking about building a foundation of French wardrobe essentials, it’s impossible not to mention the little black dress. The ultimate Parisian girl closet staple, the LBD is praised for its versatility and practicality. French girls will wear their LBDs to a date, to a dinner, a cocktail party, and even a job interview. To them, it’s basically their go-to piece for those I’ve-got-nothing-to-wear situations. Go for the shape that fits you best, and rely on various accessories to dress your LBD up or down.

A classic beige trench coat

Last but not least, another timeless staple that’ll breathe new life into your wardrobe is the classic beige trench coat. It’s every Parisian girl’s best friend during those rainy days, and a perfect additional layer to cozy up her outfits. Other than keeping you warm on colder days, a trench coat will also make any of your #ootds effortlessly chic. While trench coats are a basic staple that goes well with virtually everything, they can be quite expensive. That said, they do make for worthy investments and those high-quality ones may even last you a lifetime. Whether you reach for a designer trench coat or a more affordable one, it will definitely become your go-to piece.

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Wrapping up

Overall, the effortlessly chic French-girl style doesn’t seem too difficult to replicate if you know what you should look for. It’s simply a matter of shopping for classic wardrobe pieces that offer the most versatility without compromising on style. Stick with the tips above to curate essential French wardrobe staples and feel like a Parisian girl every single day.

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