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By Holly Clark

with Area Rugs

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Area rugs make decorating easy by visually tying together a room’s various elements. They define a room by setting a specific mood and adding warmth and character into its outlook. Additionally, rugs can give your room a new dimension, connect spaces and serve as sound absorbers. However, decoration with rugs is not all easy as there is a lot to consider. The following are some of the necessary tips for decorating your home with area rugs.

Choose the Rug First

If you are decorating a room from scratch, it is advisable to start by choosing the rug first, then constructing the rest of the décor around it. It makes decorating easier as you can build up space one element after the other. With this strategy, you can have bold coloured rugs such as red, yellow, or orange, then introduce pops of colour in the other accessories in the room.

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Ensure you Pick the Right Size

It is important to choose the right size for your space when you're making your pick for a rug. The most ideal rug size for your room is generally determined by the size of the room itself as well as the placement of your furniture. You can choose the best rug for your room based on every area of your house. For instance, in the living room, you need at least all the front legs of significant pieces of furniture to be on the rug. In the dining room, use chairs as a guide; they need to remain on the rug even when pushed away from the table. In the bedroom, you want to feel the rug under the legs when you wake up. Therefore, ensure the bedroom is sizable enough to frame the bed.

Consider the Colour

A rug with multiple colours will allow you to switch up the colour of other room elements such as the walls and other accessories. However, you do not have to try too hard to find exact matches for the colours you choose, or else you risk ending up with an artificial look. A tribal rug is especially a preference because of its ability to match virtually everything.

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Choose the Right Shape

Your rugs do not have to be of the same rectangular shape. Let your furniture arrangement decide the shape of your rug. Similarly, the shape of your room can help determine the appropriate shape for your rug. A circular or oval room will go best with a round rug than a squared one. Alternatively, the shape of your rug should compliment the shape of the furniture that will sit on it.

Using More than One Rug

You can use more than one rug to achieve different purposes. For instance, when you use two rugs of the same size in a room, they only visually cut it into two. However, when the rugs are of distinct size and shapes, they create a sense of variety in the room. Keep in mind that too many rivalling patterns may convey chaos and destroy the room's harmony. Therefore, the different rugs you use need to complement one another in style to uphold harmony.

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