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joining the fight to end child sex trafficking

Photo courtesy of The Black Widow

TORONTO, ON - As a designer, visual artist and producer, The Black Widow founder Marie Copps has contributed to various art projects that combined fashion and charity. “It has always been important to me to give back to my community.” says Copps. Concerned about the crisis of human trafficking, she plans to use her penchant for design to build awareness across Canada and the United States about child sex trafficking.

Since last June, Copps has been building a platform called The Black Widow with a mission to educate, build awareness, and help end the crisis of human trafficking. Within this platform resides The Black Widow MARKET offering a variety of exclusive gift items sold in different themed E-shops. Profits generated from all sales will benefit Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.); a non-profit organization that is working with governments around the world on sting operations liberating children from sex trafficking.

Photo courtesy of The Black Widow

When Copps researched the disturbing details of human trafficking and learned that tens of millions of people are trapped in these inhumane conditions, she had to act. “Only sharing this information on my social media platforms was not enough. It was clear to me that this is an issue I needed to focus my attention towards by joining the fight to help end this crisis. It is a tragedy when a child goes missing. For that child to end up being sold as a sex slave is an almost unimaginable nightmare. It shook me to the core when I found out that over 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade,” explains Copps.

“The Black Widow platform is dedicated to the victims of human trafficking. It is my hope that our contribution will help liberate children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Together we can #SaveOurChildren. One exploited and trafficked child is one too many," says Marie Copps.

Marie Copps - Canadian fashion & accessories designer | founder of The Black Widow

“The only way human trafficking is going to stop is if each of us does something.” – Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)


The Awareness Collection - The Conversation Starter

Fashion activism is a powerful instrument, that can direct attention to a certain topic and carry it out to the open. We all are walking billboards whether we like it, or not. Those who understand the power of fashion activism know that wearing such a statement piece has a tremendous ripple effect on others. The person standing next to you in a grocery store, or a coffee shop may have never heard about the topic of human trafficking until their eyes glanced over to your T-shirt. You planted a seed in that person’s mind and delivered an important message; a message that can lead to more action and the liberation of another victim of human trafficking.

Photo courtesy of The Black Widow

The Awareness Collection is designed with the same premise. Changes in our society start with having an open conversation. This particular collection addresses the long-overlooked topic of Human Trafficking. We hope that these pieces will evoke the need to start looking more at this issue and bringing us closer to finding the solution. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation have been shrouded in secrecy away from the public eye for too long. The topic of human trafficking can be terrifying, the details are shocking, the situation of those trapped in it is dire. We are aware, not everyone is willing to go down this rabbit hole eager to investigate the darkest corners of humanity, however the 40 million people trapped in this criminal enterprise pray that someone will help them get out of their situation.

We all have the power to help and become an agent of change. Human trafficking has no borders and can affect anybody in any town or city. There are more victims of human trafficking than ever before in history. It is time we do our best to help solve this crisis.

Photo courtesy of The Black Widow

Photo courtesy of The Black Widow

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