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By Dan Matthews

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We’re all different, and the best and most fun way to express how we’re unique is through fashion. When it comes to your personal style, there are so many types of clothing and accessories available — the sky’s the limit.

You’ve probably noticed how people react to you depending on what you wear. Your mood may also change depending on what your outfit looks like. Style and fashion can function as a mood ring, telling the world how you feel and what you think. Here’s how you can inspire your own fashion revolution by reinventing yourself and communicating, loud and clear, who you really are.

Set Up a Style Board

Your personal style revolution starts by defining your style. Who inspires you? What do you want to express to the world? Take a couple of your favorite magazines and cut out photos of people, outfits, or moods that inspire you. Pin them on a board or create a collage on a poster board of the cutouts. Use the style board to define what your personal style is.

Add photos or names of favorite singers, influencers, or celebrities that inspire you. You can also include words and sayings on your style board. Hang the board on your closet door or next to your mirror and use it for inspiration when you get dressed.

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Give Your Closet (and Yourself) a Makeover

Go through your closet to get a better idea of what your current style is and what tweaks you may want to make. Here’s how to organize your closet: pick a day to take everything out of your closet. You want to do this even though it sounds like a nightmare so you can get into all the nooks and crannies where things may have been left and forgotten.

Sort all your clothes and accessories into a keep and a donate or repurpose pile. Get rid of items that you no longer connect with or that don’t fit. Be ruthless. If an item is no longer your thing, there is no point keeping it. It may take up valuable closet space. Clearing out the clutter may leave you with a bare closet, but at least you’re working with things that you love to wear. Plus, decluttering is surprisingly good for you — it’s an instant mood boost!

Before you put everything back into your closet, put the items together as outfits. If there are items in your closet you’d like to keep but they don’t work as part of an outfit with anything else, you may need to find something new to work with the item or to donate it too.

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If you feel like you’re in a fashion rut and unsure of how to change things up during the process, turn to your style board for favorite outfits and inspiration. Use it as guidance on how you can put your existing outfits together or create a wish list of what items you can add to your wardrobe to take your existing looks to the next level.

New and Improved Style on a Budget

Now that you’re on track to be the best, most expressive you, you may want to add some bold new pieces to your look. You don’t have to spend a ton to do so. Look for accessories or unusual pieces to create your unique look. If you’re crafty, you may be able to make some headbands, a choker necklace, or a bracelet with ribbon.

You can also do what some of the most fashionable people do — hit the thrift stores. Thrift stores are not only easy on the budget but great for the environment too! After all, you’re reusing. You may find the ultimate statement piece for your look for the bargain price of 50 cents.

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Search Online Too!

You’ll find a ton of fashion e-commerce stores that sell clothing and accessories for reasonable prices. If you’re looking for casual clothes, this Australian clothing label offers affordable, high-quality graphic tees, hoodies, and more designed by their community of artists. You’ll discover a trove of fashion gems if you know how to look online.

Regardless of how you choose to communicate who you are with your fashion choices, have fun during the process, and be creative. There’s only one of you around. Let the world know about it.

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