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By Lucas H. Parker

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Coffee – one of the best drinks out there. But when drinking coffee, are you thinking about how healthy you take your coffee? With all of the add-ins, coffee can go from a simple drink to an unhealthy selection.

Unfortunately, a large group of coffee drinks are loaded with tons of extra calories and sugar. If consumed correctly, however, coffee can aid in weight loss and other health benefits by avoiding artificial creations or unhealthy options.

Milk and dairy alternatives

With the rise of veganism, milk doesn’t have the best effect on many. In fact, a large portion of Americans are lactose intolerant, so replacing milk and dairy in your coffee will leave you feeling much better after your morning cup.

Oat-based creamers are a great alternative to your traditional selection. And you don’t just have to stop at coffee! Dairy alternatives can be used as cocktail bases at cocktail parties to ensure all guests can drink. With more and more people turning to veganism, including alternatives to dairy in all drinks is important.

Avoid artificial sweeteners

This trick might seem very obvious, but you will be shocked to learn how many versions of coffee (especially from big coffee chains) are loaded to the brim with artificial sweeteners and refined sugars. Let’s put it in perspective.

A chai tea latte from a coffee chain has more grams of sugar than a candy bar. Take a look at how much coffee is in your typical coffee order, and you’ll be surprised. By eliminating artificial sweeteners in your coffee, you are making a healthy choice every single day! If you still want a little sweetener in your coffee, try adding a small amount of stevia instead.

This choice is better than consuming the artificial sweeteners or syrups that are found in most coffee cups. Maple syrup or coconut sugar are also great alternatives.

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Add some cinnamon

If you want to make your coffee even healthier, add some cinnamon. Just a pinch of cinnamon to your coffee cup is linked to numerous health benefits and can be used any time of year. It can help add antioxidants and control your blood sugar—a small add-in for a big change.

Add some Cocoa

Cocoa, like cinnamon, is loaded with antioxidants and is also associated with a lot of health benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease. Plus, it’s tasty! Try adding a little cocoa powder to your coffee for some added flavor. Many coffee shops have cocoa options, but beware as they often come pre-sweetened. Easily make it at home but hold the sugar for a healthier coffee.

Avoid coffee after 2 PM

Caffeine is a stimulant and is the main reason why coffee is so popular. If you drink coffee very late in the day, however, it can impact your sleep. With poor sleep comes all sorts of different health problems, and that’s where coffee becomes unhealthy.

Because of this, it’s important not to drink coffee late in the day. If you are drinking coffee for the taste, choose a decaf option later in the day or go for a cup of tea that is less harsh on your body. Everyone’s body is different as some people don’t react to caffeine as much as they sleep just fine. Nevertheless, if you feel like you could improve your sleep, avoiding coffee late in the day could be an effective strategy.

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Choose a quality brand

Like most things, the quality of coffee can range greatly. It typically depends on how the coffee was processed and what methods were used to grow the coffee beans. Some coffee beans are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals that are not meant to be consumed by humans.

Although the health effects of pesticides in food are controversial, there is limited evidence to show that they necessarily cause harm when consumed in low levels of produce. If you are worried about consuming pesticides in your coffee, choose organic coffee beans. They contain fewer amounts of synthetic pesticides and other chemicals.

You can even select from local markets that will better understand how the coffee beans are grown.

Coffee to help you stay awake

Coffee is a very popular drink, probably because it helps most of us stay awake every day! It’s known for its stimulant effects and even has a lot of health benefits on its own when consumed correctly. There are several ways you can improve upon these benefits to get the max amount of health in your morning cup of coffee.

Avoid artificial sweeteners and load your coffee with large amounts of sugar, opting instead for cinnamon or cocoa.

Yet, try to avoid drinking coffee late in the day to gain some extra sleep at night. By following all of these tips, you are sure to have a healthy cup of coffee!

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