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By Dan Matthews

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Minimalism has become quite the trend over the last few years. People are decluttering, getting rid of excess, and adopting lives that focus on the bare necessities. There are different reasons why so many people are interested. Minimalism is better for the environment, and it’s aesthetically pleasing.

But, there are more personal benefits you can also experience from a minimalist lifestyle. One survey found that 14% of Americans are working toward minimalism, and 11% wanted to do it, someday. That’s on top of the people who are already enjoying its perks.

So, why are people turning toward this lifestyle? What can you expect if you’ve been thinking about trying it? Let’s cover a few of the benefits you can experience from living as a minimalist and how to get started if you’re interested.

You’ll Find Freedom

Do you ever feel suffocated or overwhelmed by all of your … stuff? Take a look around your house – is it cluttered? Do you have things you never use or even things that don’t work anymore? It’s easy to develop an attachment to those things, but if they aren’t contributing to your life in any positive way, they could be adding unnecessary weight to your mental state.

One of the benefits of minimalism is finding freedom from that weight. The “stuff” people surround themselves with is often distracting, and it can keep you from focusing on the meaningful things in life. You can easily become obsessed with it without even realizing it.

By practicing a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll focus less on your belongings and more on the things that matter, including relationships, hobbies, and self-care.

You’ll also find freedom from the fear of failure. Many people choose to hold onto their worldly possessions because they think losing them somehow makes them a failure. Or, they think the more “stuff” you have, the more successful you are.

In reality, if you look at some of the most secure and fearless people in the world, they tend to have very little. They don’t put all of their focus on their belongings. When you have less to lose, you’re not going to be as worried about it. You’ll hold on loosely to the things you have and realize that you can live without them and still be a success.

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You’ll Experience Peace of Mind

We mentioned earlier that minimalism is good for the environment, but that’s not something to just gloss over. You can’t turn on any news station or look online nowadays without hearing something about climate change or greenhouse gases. By taking on a minimalist lifestyle, you can do your part to help the planet. Consider going “zero waste” as much as possible by setting achievable goals in every room. Use the following tips to get you started:

  • Buying snack foods in bulk
  • Avoiding single-use plastic bags and bottles
  • Shopping at local farmer’s markets
  • Investing in high-quality furniture
  • Using recyclable products

When you aren’t constantly throwing things away, you can have more peace of mind and happiness, knowing you’re doing something good for the environment. Zero waste can also help you to lose your attachment and “obsession” over holding onto items. That can lead to less stress and anxiety, boosting your overall mental health and wellbeing.

If you’re worried about getting started or think it’s impossible, let go of that stress. Another benefit of minimalism is that it promotes self-reliance. While it might seem hard to reduce your waste or “give up” your belongings at first, you’ll quickly see that you’re strong enough to do it. You’re making a commitment to take back your life, rather than letting your belongings control it.

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You’ll Give Up Less Than You Think

One of the reasons people are so hesitant to live a minimalist lifestyle is because they have the wrong impression. Minimalism doesn’t mean letting go of everything you love. You can even continue your current hobbies, like collecting. Minimalist collecting involves:

  • Being mindful with your purchases
  • Getting rid of excess
  • Embracing organization
  • Combining novelty with practicality

If you love your wardrobe, you don’t necessarily have to give it up, either. Minimalism and fashion can go hand-in-hand. Look for items that are made from quality materials, meant to stand the test of time. Fast fashion has become a huge problem in recent years, contributing to 17 million tons of textile waste in 2018 alone. By selecting a few quality pieces and using them in different ways to spruce up your wardrobe, you can be fashionable, functional, and minimalistic.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

As you can see, minimalism doesn’t mean sacrificing the things you enjoy. Rather, it’s making the most of what you have and using things that have meaning. Consider the benefits of this lifestyle, and start small when it comes to making changes. You’ll quickly see that it’s easier to practice minimalism than you might think, and you’ll instantly reap the rewards.

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