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By Justin Cody

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As soon as winter arrives, every aspect of human life sees many changes. 

One of those changes is in the dresses we wear. 

Since we are going to be making changes, why not add a little style to it? Besides, we find that layering outfits in the winter season sound like a fun idea!

So, where’s the harm? 

With that being said, we will be sharing some style statements that you can follow in winter. Keep in mind that these style statements will allow you to keep yourself warm in the cold winter days while you rock the looks as well!

1. Black woolen cardigan 

All around the world, a cardigan happens to be one of the most mainstream winter dresses. 

As common as it may be, it sounds like the perfect winter-style statement. However, the secret to many people wearing a cardigan lies in the simplicity of the dress itself. 

There are many color options available when it comes to choosing a cardigan for yourself. Nevertheless, we feel like black is the perfect color for passing off a fantastic look. 

Where the wool of such cardigans will keep the cold away from you, the design will ensure that you look pretty every time you wear them! 

SABLYN Luka Cardigan (Photo courtesy of FORWARD)

2. Faux fur lining dress

There are numerous designs that a girl can wear to look amazing! 

Nevertheless, the faux fur lining is one of the hardest ones to beat! What makes this style statement ideally suited for winter is its cloth. 

The cloth of faux fur lining is considerably thicker as compared to other options. However, where it adds to your style, there is no doubt that you will also be receiving the necessary warmth for winters. 

You can choose a floral format if you want to turn some heads! Wear a lining dress at parties or small events and rock the look. 

3. Leather jackets

Leather jackets embody the very spirit of winter outfits! 

Leather jackets happen to be a great idea for bringing life to any dress. Not only are they super comfy, but leather jackets have an essence that makes them look attractive whenever someone wears them! 

You can pair up a leather jacket with jeans and a simple shirt. This outlook will make you look classy and will also prevent you from the harsh winter weather. 

If you genuinely want to enjoy winters, you can check out leather jackets by Alamode Jackets. Not only are these jackets stylish, but they also allow you to stay comfortable and stay warm. 

4. Checkered pea coat 

If you live somewhere where the winters are the chilliest, you know that the need to keep your body warm is immense! 

This is where the woolen clothes fit in perfectly. 

Typically, people associate coats with a formal look. Too bad for people that love wearing coats but want to avoid the formal look, right? 

You are in luck as a checkered pea coat helps you ditch everything formal with coats. 

You can wear these coats casually, or you could even wear them to parties or weddings.

Max & Co. Wool Shortrun Pea Coat (Photo courtesy of HARRODS)

5. Cotton fleece jacket

We agree that coats and winters go hand in hand. However, if you want to attain an elegant look, give a shot at a cotton fleece jacket! 

Throw in a pair of shoes, jeans, or your pajamas with a cotton fleece jacket. For casual wear, you will be surprised just how good cotton fleece jackets fit in. 

Since the majority of the girls like to wear jackets in the winter season, Cotton fleece jackets are considered representative of winter dresses for girls. 

Pass on a sporty look and gain a warm, comfortable feel with a cotton fleece jacket!

6. Acrylic “Coatigan” dress

This style statement is the perfect example for when someone says, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if you are unfamiliar with the name of this dressing style. Nevertheless, these dresses happen to share traits with wooden cardigans, but they only differ in style. 

This dress is the perfect solution to keep your body warm and maintain an attractive winter look. 

Since this dress comes off as really simple, you can wear this dress for many casual events. Furthermore, you will be aroused by the variety that this style statement comes with! 

7. Casual winter blazer

If you can afford to spend a little too extra to look mesmerizing in winters, the blazers are the perfect go-to option for you. 

Granted that the blazers cost a little more than other clothing options, they can help you pass off a decent yet stylish look. 

Many stylists consider winter blazers as a piece of ethnic dressing for ladies and colors. While you are free to choose the color of your preference, we prefer that you go with black. 

The black winter blazer can help you attain a classy look, and you can wear them on just about any occasion! 

RED Valentino Floral-print velvet blazer (Photo courtesy of NET-A-PORTER)

8. Navy Woolen jacket

According to, blue is the most popular color in the world! 

We believe that the Navy shade of blue color happens to be the best of all the blue shades. The navy shade also comes off as an ethnic one for wearing in winter! 

In winters, fashionistas usually prefer dresses in dark colors. However, wearing a navy woolen jacket can enhance your winter style. 

Since these jackets are not too expensive and remain in the range of desirable people, you can expect to pass off dreamy looks as well as to attain optimum comfort! 

Final Words

Here go all the winter dresses that you can try to appear stylish in winter. 

You will find that all of these fashion statements make for a good choice for many different scenarios or events.  

While there may be other dressing options available, we feel that these happen to be the best ones! These dresses come from some fabulous fashionistas, so you can expect to rock your winter looks as you try on these dresses! 

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