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By Emma Joyce

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Sometimes, it’s not only how professional you are and how well you do your job. Many employers demand that their employees are dressed professionally and in accordance with their position. This is why you need to pay attention to your look in the office and how to appear as professional as you can, showing that you take your job seriously. Besides that, it’s important to pay attention to small details like accessories, make sure you iron your work clothes every day, and learn how to use your clothes both for important business meetings and casual Fridays.

Business formal

If you work in a serious company or have your own business and would like to show up to any business occasion in style, you need to consider a formal dress code wherever you go. Men usually go for suits, while women opt for a combination of pencil skirts and blazers accompanied with nice shirts or blouses. This will allow you to play with different accessories like a watch, a briefcase, or a scarf to additionally show your style or add something new to the combination. If you’d like to take things to another level, opt for a coat and hat that will allow you to be prepared for evening meetings or a business dinner.

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Show your personality

It can be hard sometimes to show your personality and still look professional and ready to work. If you want to show the world who you really are, there are lots of ways to achieve that without jeopardizing your position. If you are a huge fan of a TV show, for instance, you can always add subtle touch like a badge on your blazer, a pattern for your pants, or even have something engraved on your work clothes. In addition to that, you can always use a T-shirt to express your love for comic books, your favorite book quotes, or the musicians you love the most. This will allow you to have a great conversation starter and make friends in the office.

Business casual

Just because you have an important job doesn’t mean you’ll be required to dress formally daily, or ever. If your work surrounding is casual and you have the possibility of making bold and casual decisions when it comes to your work clothes, there are many options to choose from. You can always mix and match different styles based on your preferences and go for a nice pair of jeans combined with a nice blouse, shirt, or even a T-shirt with your favorite quote that will motivate you to work even harder. You can always boost this combination with a nice tactical minimalistic wallet, a trendy backpack, or an interesting pair of shoes just to show how practical you are.

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Dress appropriately

Many companies have a strict dress code and they like to make sure their employees are following those rules. However, just because your company doesn’t restrict you from wearing certain types of clothes doesn’t mean you should show up for work wearing something inappropriate. Based on your position, especially if you’re hoping for a promotion, you need to find safe combinations that will be a balance between your style and your work clothes. This will show how serious you are when it comes to doing your job the best you can.

Have a vision

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If you’d like to change your position, you need to make sure your work dress code follows that wish. If you have a higher position in mind, you need to dress more formally than now. Also, having a higher position means that you’ll be able to dress more casually so try to find combinations that will show that you’re both professional and ready to take a job that’s more serious, but also more relaxing. Your employers will see the change and how well you adapt to new roles in the company hierarchy, and that’s always a great outcome.

Having a great job is far more important than what you’re wearing, but you need to understand that your appearance is what people first see, and sometimes that’s what matters more than the quality of your work. Show up ready to work and looking ready to tackle any obstacle is the only way for your employees to see how much potential you have, so start doing that right now!

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