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By Dan Matthews

to the Next Level

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The number of Instagram followers for the average person is about 150. For people who are sharing pictures of their dinner and dogs with friends, they’re completely fine with that number.

But, if you’re trying to grow your Instagram base and gain more followers, you might be wondering what you can do to make it happen without a lot of marketing experience. Whether you’re trying to become an influencer, showcase your style, or just want to grow your personal brand, it all starts with the pictures themselves.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take your Instagram pictures to the next level. With your phone in hand and a few tips, you can post beautiful photos that showcase your fashion skills, market yourself, and inspire creativity.

So, what can you do to make your Insta photos pop?

Find and Define Your Style

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Think about some of the biggest fashion icons on Instagram, and why you like looking at their pictures. Chances are, you have a basic idea of what to expect from them. Maybe they have a certain “look” to their photos, or maybe their style has become synonymous with their brand.

That’s a great way to get noticed, especially when you’re trying to gain more followers.

Incredible pictures start with incredible style, especially when you’re trying to show off your fashion sense. Thankfully, you don’t need to break the bank to define your own specific style. You can find incredible clothes on a budget by:

  • Looking at thrift stores or consignment shops
  • Getting things altered
  • Scoping out online sales
  • Investing in a few luxury items you can use for different outfits

It’s a good idea to have a style in mind when you start to look for clothes. If you want to adopt a more vintage look, it’s easy to find inexpensive pieces in thrift stores. If you want to stay on point with today’s style trends, think about ways you can “flip” those trends and make them your own so you can stay within your budget. Your creativity may be just the thing that gets you noticed and helps your pictures to stand out.

Learn a Few Editing Basics

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Editing photos for Instagram has become easier than ever in recent years. The app even has some filters and editing tools that make it easy to snap, enhance, and post in a matter of minutes. While that’s a good place to start, you can also take things one step further by learning the basics of different online editing tools and programs.

Basic editing techniques include everything from touching up blemishes to adjusting the lighting. You can also highlight certain colors or make specific areas of the image sharper, if necessary. If you’ve styled your picture perfectly but you need something specific to “pop” or be the focal point, editing is the way to do it.

It’s important to learn the basics when it comes to editing so you can still make your pictures look realistic. Your goal should be to showcase your style and fashion sense while making it believable. In some cases, editing can go too far and make things look too flawless. Most followers want to feel a connection to the accounts they frequently look at and will be quick to call out a “fake” when something has been altered too much.

Be Creative and Confident

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There are thousands of fashion Instagram accounts in the U.S. alone. If you want to get yours noticed with great pictures, make sure you’re showcasing your creativity and your confidence. Even if you’ve become a pro at editing, you can only do so much with a photo after it’s been shot. So, throughout the shooting process, try things like:

  • Mixing up your angles
  • Using different types of light
  • Utilizing the rule of thirds
  • Adding layers

Fashion is all about pushing boundaries and trying new things, so if something ends up looking “weird” but cool, go with it!

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It’s just as important to be confident in what you’re posting. Your viewers and followers will know if you’re holding back or if you look uncomfortable in your photos. Make sure you look and feel your best before every shoot. Practice self-care, take care of your mind and body, and do what you think is necessary to boost your confidence, whether it’s getting a deep clean at the dentist for a brighter smile or exercising more often to appreciate the way you look and feel in your clothes. The more confidence you exude in your photos, the better they’ll look.

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These tips can help you take your Instagram pictures and account to new heights. All it takes is a bit of time, practice, creativity, and experience to boost the quality of your photos, draw more attention, and grow your fan base. Have fun, and let your imagination do most of the work for you!

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