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By Liam Smith

for your fashionista friends

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We only have five more days until Christmas and for those of you who haven't bought all the presents for your loved ones, time is running out pretty fast. We advise you not to wait until the last day but to start thinking right now about the potential gifts. If you have a couple of friends that are picky when it comes to presents and like fashion and trendy stuff, there are some suggestions on what kind of gifts to buy for them. Let's see some of the examples.

Set of cosmetics

Lovery Premium Bath & Body Gift Basket - Pink Grapefruit Scent - 30pc

This is a pretty used idea and not so original, but luckily there are so many cosmetic products on the market and some of them are of very good quality so you can choose something you know your friend would like and put it into a nice cosmetic bag. This can be a personalized gift since you are making some sort of beauty gift box. If your friends follow beauty trends, they will certainly appreciate a gift like this one.

Cashmere robe

Neiman Marcus Cashmere Collection / Cashmere Fancy-Stitch Collar Robe

For those who like coziness but also elegance at the same time, you can look for a robe that is made of some nice material like cashmere or even silk. Some people like to look good anytime, even when they're at home watching Netflix, so if your fashionista friend is one of them, what a perfect gift this could be.

Quality glasses

Sunglasses are an indispensable fashion gadget that any trendy person must have. Try to find some Christmas discounts and to buy a good pair of sunglasses for your fashionista friend. If you're not sure about their taste, you can buy a classical model that goes well with any outfit. On the other hand, if you know the person very well, you can pick something more extravagant in case they would like it.

Gorgeous Face Mask

We make like it or not, but face masks have become our everyday reality. Why not add some extra chic to your outfit by wearing a stunning designer piece that will complement your holiday or New Year outfit?

Wonderland Tweed Mask by Canadian designer Andrea DeSilva is a perfect gift for yourself or for your fashionista friend! You can easily match it with any evening outfit or elegant winter coat.

Good handbag

A good city bag is something any girl needs and thus an excellent choice for a present. Pick something that would match well with your friend's overall style and outfits. Also, see if your friend would rather like a bigger one or a small and elegant clutch for going out on some special occasion. Both gifts are a great choice.

Artistic decoration

For those friends of yours who like interior design, a present that is related to home decoration can be great. A dried flower bouquet as a Christmas gift can be elegant and subtle since it matches any home decoration. You can accompany them with a mini ceramic vase. If your friend has a chimney it makes an amazing decoration. Otherwise, it can be used for a bathroom, on a side table, desk, shelf, or ledge.

Christmas sweater

A Christmas sweater can sound too typical and not very original. However, you can always buy something cozy, of quality material and in a bright and joyful color like red which goes very well with the Christmas spirit and a generally good mood. A garment like this can accompany a Christmas outfit that can look classic, cozy, and elegant in photos.

An elegant scarf

For an outgoing and fashionable person, an elegant scarf can accompany any outfit and be a classy gift. For any true fashionista, materials have to be carefully chosen. Depending on their style it can be quality wool, soft cashmere, or elegant silk. It is a gift that can be found in many stores and you won't have to look for it for a lot of time.

Good perfume

Some fashionable gifts are not there to be seen. A good perfume is an excellent and classy gift for both men and women. It can be tricky to pick the right one if you don't know your friend's taste, but for winter try to find perfumes that contain vanilla, honey, or coconut. Sweet fragrances are adequate for winter days and can give you some warmth and coziness. Look for the reviews and pick something for your friend. It is advisable to choose a smaller bottle just in case they don't fancy it that much in the end.

Candles for their home

Another decorative element that can be both very useful for relaxing and de-stressing are candles. They come in different shapes, colors, and scents and you can even make them yourself with some recipes for homemade candles. This present can give a good vibe and add more warmth to their home's ambiance in general.

A technology gadget

Bose QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones II with Google Assistant

Many trendy people enjoy new technologies so a gadget that is both practical and modern would be a delightful gift. See what kind of cellphone they have and buy them a phone case or Bluetooth ear pads. If they always run out of battery, a small and sleek power bank that can fit into their purse or packet can be a much-appreciated gift.

A gift card

In the end, if you're not sure what to give to your friend, and you know that they love shopping at a particular store, why not buy them a gift card and give it to them so that they can choose whatever they like. Although this isn't the most personalized option, it is very practical and you can't make any mistake since you're choosing the place where they generally like shopping. It is also a very good option since you can purchase gift cards easily and fast. That makes it ideal for those situations when you are already running late for Christmas gift shopping.

Don't let the Christmas shopping euphoria make you overwhelmed. Although Christmas is within a week, you can still calmly and peacefully make a shopping list for different people with different tastes and make them all happy with your Christmas presents. Pay attention to details, like home decoration items they would like to receive, trendy garments, or useful technology gadgets. It all depends on your friend's style, preferences, and personal taste so try to get involved in the process and choose what they might need and like.

Written by Liam Smith. Follow him on Twitter.

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