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By Erica Sunarjo

For Working From Home

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As the pandemic times have forced the majority of people to work from home, the usual procrastination matters and time management became an issue. Since we had to manage productivity and home responsibilities, it has changed the way we approach work and time. While it may be impossible to mark the borderline when there are children running around, it is simply necessary to accept your home environment and make it as comfortable as you can. Just think about the lack of transportation and the flexible schedule by focusing on the positive sides.

How To Manage Productivity and Time While Working From Home

Keep Things Organised

Regardless of what kind of work you are hoping to do from home, your productivity will always increase if you keep things organized and do your best to avoid procrastination. When you work remotely, it does not mean that you can put things off or leave them for the late hour. Of course, there will be urgent clients or certain business conferences where you have to participate. It means that you still have to work with your schedule and think about setting alerts. At the same time, you should not exhaust yourself. Just know your resources well and rest when your body and mind tell you to!

Eliminating Distractions

While we all know about social media and the family members always walking through the room when you are in the middle of an important video conference, there are still great ways to get your productivity increased. Think about stylish home office design ideas and turn your home into a beautiful place by dividing available space for work and leisure zones. It will be a positive change when you eliminate distractions and keep enough light in the room as you work. Get creative and take your time to explore what you truly like!

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Establish A Daily Routine

As a rule, you must think about the things you have to finish before you start with various work responsibilities. Give yourself some space and do not push yourself every morning! When time is still not enough, as you have to work and study, it is always possible to approach trained experts with your help me write my essay request and receive timely help. When you know that help is out there, you can allocate more time to things like choosing your fashion or online shopping for all these seasonal discounts and special campaigns!

Find The Right Work-Life Balance

When you seek this precious balance between life and work, it should work exactly the same way as knowing how to dress at home and how to choose your fashion style when you have a date or a special meeting. In other words, there should be a bold line between your work and those moments of time when your family needs you. Working from home does not mean that you should dedicate all your free time to getting something done. Quite on the contrary, set your time limits and give yourself some credit!

Always Dress Up Right

Of course, we all would like to wear our pyjamas, have a cup of coffee, and continue with our work. Still, business in style is paramount! Learn how to dress up for work even when you are working from home. It will help to keep things disciplined and will let you find the unique fashion that can make you stand out from the rest during these video conferences or home consulting! Take your time to find what works for you and stay within your comfort zone as you explore.

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Your Health Come First

Do not forget that you should do some stretching and still take those short walks through the park or even when you do some shopping. If you have no chance to go outside, it is always possible to meditate or start with yoga sessions. Just start with the basic office exercises as even a ten-minute break will let you breathe easily and release the stress when you are in a hurry. Remember that even sitting back in your home office chair and closing your eyes for a minute will help you stay focused and restore your cognitive functions.

Always Continue With Your Studies

Even when you are stuck at home and face all these restrictions, you can always manage online courses and work. Since you can approach free learning online from Coursera or Khan Academy, it is much easier to receive certain certificates or boost your existing skills. Of course, time can be an issue, especially when you need help with dissertation or would like to have each written section proofread. Thankfully, there are many ways to get help and avoid failing your work tasks.

Start With An Outline

When you have to do some writing or lengthy planning, think about starting with an outline where you write down the key elements or brainstorm related thesis statements. It is also possible to create a table with several columns where you list both objectives and solutions. As a rule, it is always possible to approach mobile apps like EverNote or Slack for all these planning purposes, yet creating your business outline will help you keep things secure and boost your creative skills.

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The Privacy Matters

Most importantly, when you are working from home, you should learn about your privacy and the time off, which means that you should not turn your bedroom into the office. Work must not come through to your home life because it will always affect your privacy. Even though you may have to dress up well and keep things tidy, there should be a time when you can switch your laptop and phone off to dedicate time to your family. Do not leave any work-related tasks for the evening as you can continue the next morning during the official work hours. Doing so will keep you well and will make you feel that you are safe at home.

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