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By Luke Douglas

Nordegg, Canada (Photo: Unsplash)

People love to travel for different reasons: some love adventure, others want relaxation, and some are hungry to learn new things and meet new people. But one is the same for all travelers—we all want to look at least presentable, let’s call it ‘stylish’ while doing our traveling. Enjoying a few comforts is also not bad. Even the chilliest of travelers at least try to mix comfort and style to the best of their abilities. So if you’re a world explorer looking for ways to boost your traveling style yet still enjoy all the comfort you can get, here are a few traveling tips from the experts:

Choose the right lodging

If you ever tried to travel, you know that finding the right accommodation for your needs and budget can be quite tricky. While the younger crowd usually chooses hostels and camping if they want to save money, mature travelers are still looking for a bit more luxury. Luckily, you can easily find good accommodation through handy websites. The biggest comfort you can get comes from short-term rentals. This way, you’ll get to enjoy all the privacy when away from home and have a more authentic experience in your new destination.

Pack a few handy gadgets

Many people think that they are not truly traveling if they are not 100% unplugged. However, if you want to mix style and comfort on your trip, you can greatly benefit from a few electronic gadgets. For instance, a business traveler will love a good wireless keyboard while an adventure type of tourist will more likely need a reliable GPS. But what both types of travelers need is some entertainment during your flight, transfers and downtime. You can rely on a tablet because it can play music, treat you to movies and TV shows and allow you to journal about your adventures. A good camera is also a must. With it, you can freeze all your favorite moments in time and relive them whenever you feel the itch to travel.

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Pay like a boss

No matter how much money you have at your disposal, make sure to pay in style and comfort and with efficiency. While cash is still king in many places, most modern societies accept credit cards, so grab a good one that will bring you many returns. For instance, for a reasonable annual fee for David Jones American Express platinum card, you can enjoy a variety of perks from reward points to frequent flier points that can later be turned into amazing rewards. Travelers can enjoy extra commodities and luxuries like airport lounge access and international travel insurance. You’ll feel pampered while traveling for a very little investment!

Book early

If you love to plan your trips in advance, make sure to also make reservations and bookings as early as possible. People don’t like to do that because they think their plans might change in the meantime, but if you’re pretty certain they won’t, don’t hesitate to book everything early. By getting a head-start on the planning process, you can get away with much better deals, enjoy cheaper tickets and accommodation and even have time to save up for the upgrades. Plus, you’ll spare yourself from a ton of stress caused by no vacancies, booked flights and excursions and panicked packing.

Maldives (Photo: Rawpixel)

Pack hygiene products in your handbag

No matter if you’re a man or a woman, personal hygiene is crucial for every traveler. Since walking, exploring and doing all sorts of travel activities can be very sweaty and tiring, it’s good to always have your hygiene necessities at hand. Items like wet wipes, deodorant, hair brush, breath mints and some makeup can easily fit in the smallest packing cube and provide you with quick access to some beauty. Even after two days of not sleeping properly and not showering, you can look presentable and feel much more comfortable.

Learn a bit of the local language

All experienced travelers know that you can have a top-notch travel experience if you just take your time to learn a few phrases in the local language. Why is that? Well, this shows your respect for the country, your interest in people and your love for their culture. By showing respect, you can get amazing deals from local vendors and guides and get the best recommendations when it comes to bars, restaurants and attractions. Locals will also be much more willing to help and show their hospitality. It’s a great trick that can make your next adventure much more comfortable and safe.

And if you just take a look at any handy packing list and do some ahead-of-time stylish clothing shopping, you can look absolutely amazing on your trip as well. Traveling in style yet staying on budget is much easier than it seems. Use these tips to boost your travel experience and have a blast on your next adventure.


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