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By Stella Van Lane

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Do you wish you could wear your comfy exercise attire everywhere you go? If you have the right workout gear, you know this is something that has crossed your mind before. Well, the good news is that you actually can wear your gym clothes outside of the gym. Introducing—athleisure. Maybe you even heard about this word before because it’s on all fashion influencers’ lips, but what is athleisure really? Athleisure mixes athletic wear with more elegant pieces to get a mix of comfort and style. Here’s how to pull off a perfect athleisure look and style your exercise clothing in a way that will make you ready for Casual Fridays at work, running errands or even a laid back date:

Start with an inspection

As you will see in the text below, it’s possible to wear gym clothing outside of the gym, however, make sure those exercise items are not worn out by the years of use. Wearing leggings with chafed thighs and an old exercise t-shirt with holes is not considered athleisure—it’s one of the hottest fall trends of the year, after all, so have some respect. Jokes aside, examine all your casual pieces and opt for just those in good condition. Also, inspect your clothing for sheerness. While it might be logical that you’re not going to buy see-through leggings, you’ll be surprised how many times this happens without you even realizing it. Do a squat while wearing a bold pair of underwear and see whether anything is peaking out.

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Focus on comfort

The goal of athleisure is to look put together and elegant while staying comfortable—making it look like you’re a busy bee always on the go. Your athleisure outfits can be rocked anywhere from the gym to the grocery store, the office, to brunch or to see a movie. So every time you’re dressing, make sure to choose pieces that will keep you comfortable no matter where you’re going.

Stick to neutrals

At the gym, you can look as playful and energetic as you want with your fun leggings and tie-dye shirts. However, if you want to achieve that elegant and effortless athleisure look outside the gym, lean more on the side of minimalism. It’s best to opt for a simple and neutral color palette, starting with some quality black tights to use as a foundation for your look. These tights will fit with any athleisure outfit and be perfect for any occasion. For a pop of color, top your black tights with colored sweater, jumper or blouse, but make sure to still keep things on the down low with minimal patterns and prints.

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Mix and match materials

An outfit made of head-to-toe lycra, spandex or any other activewear material is perfect for the gym, but you might want to rethink it for your day outside the gym. If you want to elevate your outfit and boost elegance, don’t hesitate to match sporty materials with something more unexpected like mesh, leather and knit. It’s all in the mix of fabrics that will give you the edge your outfit needs and achieve a perfect balance between sporty and formal.

Mix and match styles

Just like mixing fabrics, you can also mix and match different styles. For instance, if you’re not used to leggings outside the gym, you can opt for other sporty elements—tights are not the only athleisure piece. For instance, you can pair a varsity jacket and chinos or wear dress sneakers with your dress. Also, don’t forget to make variations in fits and mix loose pants with crop tops and tight leggings with oversized jumpers. The oversized item will make you look casual while the nicely-fitting one will give you a touch of elegance.

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Strike perfection with the right sneaker

Sneakers are an integral part of athleisure as a fashion style, but not those sneakers you wear to jog around the neighborhood or kick a punching bag. It’s crucial to invest in dressier sneakers, but luckily, your options are endless today. Opt for a collaboration between a sports brand and a high fashion brand for your sneaker or take a more custom approach with one-of-a-kind pair. If you’re not big on sneakers, you can also tuck your leggings into riding boots or opt for ballet flats for a streamlined and effective look.


Accessories are the key to any successful outfit, so don’t forget to accessorize your athleisure looks accordingly. To add a touch of your personal style to your casual outfit, you can pair it with aviators, a sporty baseball hat or a nice backpack instead of a purse. Lean on the street-style side of fashion with some jewelry, but keep things moderate. A pair of hoops and a thin chain will be just what your outfit needs. To feel more polished, you can also belt your knit sweater and finish the look with pearl earrings.

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Once you try athleisure, there’s no going back. This sporty yet elegant style will take you straight from the gym to the office, shopping and strolling or vice versa. What more can a busy girl want?


Stella Van Lane is a passionate traveler and writer, in love with coffee, food & wine, interior design, books, and good vibes.

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