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By Rachel Miller

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If you are looking for the best fitness apps to use in your workout routine, this article might help you find the one that will best suit your needs and preferences.

A fitness app is a program that you can install on your smartphone that can help you with your exercise routine. 

Must-Try Fitness and Workout Apps

There are a variety of effective fitness monitoring apps that can make your workout journey simple and enjoyable. They are also one of the best allies that can help you achieve your fitness goals easily. Here are some of the best fitness and workout apps for you.

1. MyFitnessPal—Best overall

The MyFitnessPal app can provide you with the resources you need to effectively lose weight. This app is also a great online tool to track your nutrition intake. This app tries to make logging your meals as simple and quick as possible. The easier it is to track down your nutrients, the more likely you are to stay on track and achieve your weight loss objectives.

Price: $9.99/month

  • Great for calorie counting.
  • Free apps offer food, weight, and calorie trackers.

2. Nike Training Club—Best free

With faster options, goal-setting tools, and new content added on a daily basis, the Nike Training Club app will help you stick to your fitness routine. For you to be able to strengthen your mind and muscles, you must follow the advice of your favorite trainers, athletes, and wellness experts. This app also has the best workout library, so you can choose from a variety of options available to you.

Price: Free

  • World-class training sessions from Nike Master trainers.
  • You can use the app for free.

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3. JEFIT—Best for weightlifting

If strength training is your top priority, JEFIT is the way to go. You can use the in-app training log to track your weights, sets, and reps, as well as other important metrics like your body fat percentage and weight. There is a selection of pre-programmed workouts and training plans that can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Price: $12.99/monthly

  • Demos promote proper form and safety
  • Workouts are customizable

4. Apple Fitness+—Best for Apple

Apple Fitness+ is an optional subscription service available via the free Apple Fitness app that provides users with access to a variety of expert-led workout classes ranging from HIIT and strength training to yoga and pilates. Apple Fitness+ even includes guided meditations to provide users with more options.

Price: $9.99/month

  • Perfect for Apple Watch integration.
  • They have a variety of excellent workout sessions.

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5. Peloton—Best for Peloton devices

While the Peloton app is intended to be used in conjunction with Peloton devices, it also has a lot to offer users who do not own a Peloton treadmill or bike. Peloton offers both live and on-demand classes for $12.99 per month. While many of the classes are focused on indoor cardio, the app also includes strength training and outdoor classes to provide users with a wider range of options.

Price: $12.99/month

  • They are great companion apps for Apple.
  • They also offer on-demand and live online classes.

6. Sworkit—Best for novices

Sworkit offers a fitness-focused solution at scale for low-acuity musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and exercise preventative care medicine, including Medicare Advantage. These fitness programs combine low-impact mobility, strength, and flexibility exercises that are tailored to the specific needs of each member.

The goal of Sworkit's musculoskeletal program is to assist users in returning to more regular strength and endurance-based fitness training with a focus on the continued functional improvement of their areas of pain.

Price: $10/month

  • No gym equipment is needed.
  • They offer one-on-one coaching.

7. Fiit—Best for strength training

Fiit allows you to take high-quality workouts with leading personal trainers on your phone or tablet, whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, or improve flexibility.

This fitness app offers dumbbell and kettlebell classes; bodyweight workouts; HIIT; strength training; Pilates; functional movement; yoga; and recovery sessions. Their workouts last 10 to 60 minutes. You can even compete on the leaderboard by organizing group sessions with your friends.

Price: $7.99/month

  • Offers 7 day free trial.
  • Open for all fitness levels.

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8. Seven—Best for quick exercises

Seven is a fitness app whose main purpose is to improve people's health, encourage workouts, and build strong lifestyles in as little as 7 minutes per day. Seven's workouts are scientifically designed to provide the most benefit in the least amount of time.

They offer customized workouts designed with your specific objectives in mind to make the most of your workout sessions. It is the ideal fitness app for those who are new to exercising and want to incorporate it into their daily routine.

Price: $4.99/month

  • You don’t need any equipment.
  • They offer shorter workout sessions.

9. Noom—Best for weight loss

Noom employs cutting-edge behavioral science to empower people to regain control of their health for good. The platform has assisted millions of users in meeting their personal health and wellness goals by combining psychology, technology, and human coaching. It is an award-winning weight-loss program that has been scientifically proven to produce real, long-term results.

Price: $60.00/month

  • They offer a free trial.
  • Compatible with other eating styles such as Keto and Vegan.

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10.—Best for flexible workouts is a virtual fitness platform that packs a lot of value into one welcoming and diverse environment. With this fitness app, you can take your fitness with you wherever you are, even in the comfort of your own home.

Moxie is one of the hottest workout marketplaces available, with a simple pricing structure, massive class variety, and cutting-edge technology that encourages interaction and inclusivity. These classes are the closest thing to real, in-person fitness classes.

Price: $7.00 and up per session

  • Beginner and user-friendly classes.
  • They offer 2-way live classes.

Key Takeaway

A good fitness tracker is one that you enjoy wearing on a daily basis; it should be comfortable, have a long battery life, and look good while performing its function. To help you track your progress, the best fitness apps should include customizable workouts and exercises, personal coaching, music, and built-in calorie counters.

A health and fitness tracking app is beneficial to everyone. They are especially useful for people who are unable to go to a gym or hire expensive personal trainers but still want to keep motivated. Motivation is one of the most important advantages of using a fitness app. Fitness app notifications and alerts keep reminding you of your health goals.


Rachel Miller is a certified Sport and Fitness Enthusiast who works as a Personal Trainer at Nordic Lifting. Her goal for fitness is to set physical challenges for oneself that will empower individuals like her to push through and become confident persons. Plus, she loves to present her passion and knowledge of fitness through writing.


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