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By Tess DiNapoli

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With visions of the red carpet looks from the 2023 Academy Awards still fresh in our minds, style inspiration from celebrities is the buzz of the moment. Here, I’ll be talking about some celebrities who own their distinct personal styles, inspiring their fans with bold fashion choices that change the game.

For this post, we’ll be looking at 5 internationally known celebrities, their red carpet styling and their style evolutions. You’ll be inspired by these sartorial standouts and their unique takes on modern fashion. Every one of them is a style leader and every one of them is known for daring to wear the leading edge of fashion that eventually translates into trends. Let’s draw some style inspiration from celebrities who rock it right, wherever they go.

Cate Blanchett: Stylishly Sustainable

Cate Blanchett, now the face of Louis Vuitton’s jewelry line, is a renowned, Academy Award-winning actress. This statuesque beauty is also a fashion maverick, boldly going where other stylists fear to tread.

Swaddled in Louis Vuitton at the Oscars, Blanchett’s regal bearing called for her navy skirt’s train, paired with an archival silk blouse in brilliant blue. While Blanchett’s style has evolved throughout her career, her energy has always inspired imitation and accolades from style gurus.

But Cate Blanchett has thrown down the gauntlet for red carpet regulars with her appeal to sustainable fashion. Appearing at the 2020 Venice Film Festival in looks she’d worn on previous red carpets, her message was that it’s “chic to repeat”. But she goes beyond repeated wearings of her fashion archive at public events, choosing sustainable designers like Stella McCartney for everyday dressing.

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Idris Elba: Strong Style Inspiration

Chic and self-possessed, Idris Elba has rapidly become a luminary in the celebrity style constellation. While his looks certainly help, Elba knows how to put together an outfit, making it his own with the sheer force of his flawless sense of style. At the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party with wife Sabrina, the gorgeous pair slayed with effortless chic.

Elba appeared in one of the modern, pared-down suits from his own collection, in striking emerald green. Sleek and unfussy, this stripped-down style is coming to the fore in 2023. But Elba takes his elegance everywhere, modeling casual men’s dressing of notable quality and cut. Smoldering in traditional black tie or rocking off-the-red-carpet comfort, the style inspiration is strong with Idris Elba.

Rihanna: Must Be Style On the Brain

Bold, beautiful, and fearless, Rihanna has no qualms about pushing the style envelope. Her 3 looks at the Oscars followed that trajectory, taking us from a baby bump-baring mesh and leather look for the red carpet to a glittering stage look by John Galliano to a two-piece after-party outfit with gloves in cool mint green.

Whether this pop diva is on stage or not, she leads in style inspiration, placing new ways of thinking about clothes before her millions of fans. By mixing designer pieces with message t-shirts, sweats with statement footwear, and playing with proportions, Rihanna rises to the top of the celebrity style pantheon. She may even be partially credited with 2023’s “oversized” fashion tendency.

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Harry Styles: More than One Style Direction

Since his days of boy band fame in One Direction, Harry Styles has stepped up his style profile with daring takes on the fashion of the day. Famously appearing at the 2019 Met Gala in a nipple-revealing, semi-sheer blouse by Gucci, Styles has made his mark on the fashion world with the menswear trends of the moment transparently acknowledging his groundbreaking style.

Now the face of Gucci’s Ha Ha Ha collection, Styles veers from classic menswear looks to crochet fripperies, patterned pants and all the bare-chested manliness his legions of fans can handle. The Gucci collection captures his freewheeling, 21st Century Boy energy with menswear that moves beyond assumptions about the type of clothes that make the man. 

Lady GaGa: Expect Unexpected Style

From the notorious meat dress (now with its own Wikipedia page) at the 2010 MTV Video Awards to the 2023 Academy Awards, Lady Gaga creates iconic fashion moments as a way of life. At this year’s Oscars, she slinked down the red carpet in a black Versace gown with a mesh corseted top which dipped down in the back to reveal a glimpse of derriere!

But the kicker was her performance of “Hold My Hand” from the film, Top Gun: Maverick. Taking the stage in high-top Chucks, ripped black jeans, and a black t-shirt, she also removed her high glamor makeup, singing bare-faced. The contrast between the two looks and her performance were both unforgettable, like the pop diva herself. Now internationally acclaimed as an actress, singer, musician, and composer, Lady Gaga adds style goddess to her resume with a conceptually driven personal style in constant evolution.

Photo: Pexels

Take some inspiration from these style icons and evolve your own personal style!

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