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Faces come in various different shapes. Some of us have very round faces, while others of us have very angular faces. And some of us have longer rectangular or oval faces, while others have shorter circular or square faces.

These face shapes may not seem like a big deal, but they can impact how well we may pull off certain hairstyles and accessories. Often by finding ways to contrast your face shape, you can complement it and create a more harmonious look. This post explains more.


Got a very round face? Choosing hairstyles that feature sharp angles can be great for complementing your face. Choppy pixie cuts, blunt bobs and long layered cuts are all great options.

Those with more square or diamond faces can meanwhile soften its angular appearance with more rounded hairstyles like rounded bobs, side swept bangs and chignons. Curls can also look great.

There are other facial features that can also be worth considering when choosing hairstyles. If you’ve already got quite a long face, you may want to avoid any hairstyles that make your face seem longer such as long straight bangs or large ‘beehive’ updos. If you’ve got a large forehead, you may also want to stick to hairstyles with fringes rather than pulling back your hair into a ponytail.

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You can buy womens earrings in all kinds of shapes. But did you know that some of these shapes are better for certain faces?

As with hairstyles, it all comes down to contrasting your face shape. Hoops and circular earrings can look great with more angular faces, while more angular earrings can work better with round faces.

Long dangly earrings can work well with short wide faces (square and circular faces), while shorter earrings can work very well with longer slimmer faces (oval and rectangular faces). If you’ve got a triangular or diamond shaped face, teardrop earrings can meanwhile balance out your more pointed chin.

Chic Wild Flower Statement Earrings for Women (Photo: Amazon)


Different glasses frames can also complement certain faces better than others. Whether you’re wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses, this could be something to consider.

In most cases, square frames look better with rounded faces, while circular frames look better with square faces.

Unique frames like aviators and cat eye frames can often work well with a variety of face shapes, however they can look particularly good on rounded faces. Cat eye frames can also look great when paired with triangular faces (it’s one of the few cases where it’s better to follow the shape of the face rather than contrasting it).

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Finally, necklaces can also be used to compliment your face shape. As with other accessories, think about how angular or round your face is, and then choose a necklace that contrasts this - round pendants are more likely to suit angular faces, while square pendants can suit round faces.

You should also consider whether your chin is wide or pointed. V-shaped necklaces can work better with wider chins, while shorter rounded necklaces can compliment pointier chins.

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