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By Lisa Moore

The Rise of Minimalist Fashion

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Minimalism, a rather simple known term, encompasses a fundamental approach to many avenues in life, including interior design, consumerism, and certainly in fashion. But what does minimalism mean in the clothing design industry? In fashion terms, minimalism refers to “an aesthetic based on simple designs, clean lines, neutral colors, and high-quality fabrics.” It adopts the principle of preference for classic or rudimentary pieces, and the limitation of extravagant or fad culture items. Functionality and intentionality are at the epicentre of slower, minimalist fashion, a growing topic that has been at the forefront of many designers’ visions over the last decade, quietly rising in popularity all over the globe.

Having a minimalist approach to one’s wardrobe means approaching your closet with intentionality, rather than focusing on the number of items in it. The aim is to curate outfits that fit your lifestyle, typically including high-quality clothing you absolutely love that will with good intention, stand the test of time. The goal isn’t getting one’s shoes or dresses down to single digits. Nor is it to only having neutral shades to choose from. In fact, the goal is the exact opposite. The goal is quiet luxury. Minimalist fashion is all about having unadorned clothes that can be easily combined with one another to make different elegant outfits that allow you to still feel confident using strategic colour and shape combinations. With the removal of unnecessary elements in one’s clothing lineup, we can bring an overall sense of organization and tranquility rather than complexity to your daily outfit choices.

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Experts say the average person only wears twenty percent of their wardrobe regularly. And if we genuinely take the time to reflect, many of us can probably agree or relate. Here are some ways that we can embrace the simplicity of fashion:

Separate your shirts and sweaters into two categories of cool and warm tones. They can both be paired with simple shades like black and white. This eliminates the need to only wear basic shades. It still allows for colour in your wardrobe, while pairing it with a simple denim, black or white pants. The reverse also applies. If you prefer colourful on the bottom, and neutral on the top, that works too.

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Having clothing for all seasons that you can wear all year round can also help reduce the clutter in your closet. Light sweaters, T-shirts, kimonos, and tank tops are just some of the items that are versatile no matter the weather. Choose options that can be dressed up or dressed down for cool or warm climates. Throwing a simple sweater over your favorite summer tank top in the winter or switching denim shorts for quality denim pants is an easy way to keep your outfits simple.

Accessorizing can be a fun and easy way to jazz up a minimalist outfit. Accessories have their place with any clothing, and sometimes it is with the simplest of looks that they have their moment to shine. Accessories can also be minimized to pieces that can be dressed up or down and worn for any occasion. The classic hoop earring is a great example as you can wear them to a business meeting, with jeans and a T-shirt, or to a cocktail party.

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Of course, what is likely deemed as the most popular approach to minimalist fashion, is to stick to basic pieces that can be worn repeatedly. Many of these items never go out of style and do not have boundaries. They can be worn in most settings no matter one’s age or size, and they are often fluid with the trends. Think less pattern and more solid colours when it comes to the basics. The little black dress is the perfect example. You can still make it fun with unique designs, crisp silhouettes, and pairing it with a colourful pair of heels or fun accessories.

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From subtle wardrobe changes to all-out minimalism, there are different ways to incorporate this form of simplicity into your everyday style without losing your identity. You might want to adopt the mindset of simply stripping back to just the essentials. Or you might be starting out on a holistic minimalism journey and want to build your new wardrobe from the ground upWhichever your approach, the idea of minimalism is to calm the fast-paced fashion industry, as well as our current closets at the same time.

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  1. What an excellent summary of the minimalist wardrobe! Thank you for putting this so eloquently. It’s exactly what I do with my clients in my work as an image consultant. Brilliant, Lisa!


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