Saturday, June 23, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

Gardens by the Bay

All photos courtesy of Gardens by the Bay

Singapore - Gardens by the Bay brings to life NParks' vision of creating a City in a Garden. The Gardens captures the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment in which to live and work - making Singapore a leading global city of the 21st century. The 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay include two greenhouses and 220,000 plants from almost every continent.

At the heart of the gardens are the ‘Supertrees’, a fusion of nature, art and technology. They are both spectacular vertical tropical gardens dripping with ferns, orchids and climbers, and the environmental engines for the gardens, equipped with photovoltaics, solar thermal collectors, rainwater harvesting devices and venting ducts. The Supertrees support a 135m length aerial walkway, suspended 21.5m from the ground; the tallest Supertree of 50m in height will also house a bar at the top.

Flower Dome

Spectacular and innovative in design, it is one of the icons of Bay South Garden. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy. Home to a collection of plants from deserts all over the world, it showcases the adaptations of plants to arid environments. 
Source: GBTB & EcoFicial 

Drunken Tree or Palo Borracho (Ceiba chodatii)

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OCBC Light and Sound Show

02 July 2012 – 30 November 2012
Supertree Grove
Not to be missed is this signature nightly display of magical lights and music amid the giant Supertrees. 


  1. I have never been to gardens by the bay but would love to go one day. I have been to garden bay bc canada. There are great garden supplies and garden tools there.


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