Friday, March 1, 2013

FEATURED DESIGNER: Valentim Quaresma

By Eva Fydrych

Jewellery of the Future

Photo by Ana Luisa Silva, Styling: Tiago Ferreira

Valentim Quaresma is a jewellery designer based in Lisbon. After 20 years of collaborating with an avant-garde fashion designer Ana Salazar, he started his own line in 2005. His futuristic and innovative style quickly brought him a lot of popularity and recognition. 

In 2008, Valentim won "Accessories Collection of the Year " award at ITS competition in Italy. He is currently considered as one of the top jewellery designers in Portugal.

Photo courtesy of Valentim Quaresma

Valentim's creative process concentrates on the specific function of the objects he works with, which, once transformed, are given a new functionality and meaning. His conceptual art has been exhibited in many cities including Lisbon, Porto, and Barcelona, as well as in international galleries and art biennales.

Valentin Quaresma will be showing his latest collection on Friday, 8 March 2013, during Lisbon Fashion Week AW 2013. Don't miss it!

All photos courtesy of Valentim Quaresma & ITS

All photos courtesy of Valentim Quaresma & ITS

Lisbon Fashion Week SS 2013 (Photo by Rui Vasco)

Lisbon Fashion Week (Photo by Rui Vasco)

Photo courtesy of Valentim Quaresma / ITS


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