Tuesday, April 23, 2013


By Guest Contributor

Is The Summer Coming Yet?

Summer inspiration board (Photos courtesy of indulgy, Fever, noa noa, Elle)

LONDON, UK - What has happened to the summer this year? Last year, we had the hottest march in recent history – there was a heat wave! And by mid-April, it was looking a lot like the summer. This year, conversely, we have had a ridiculously wet march, and April hasn’t been much better. We see little spates of sun here and there, but the weather is still rather temperamental. 

This is causing a major problem for me, as am sure it is to you too, because going by last year’s weather, I have already bought a summer dress in anticipation of the lovely weather. 

And what a beautiful dress it is! I bought it with the intentions of wearing it to the Chelsea Flower Show – as a lover of flowers and all things sweet, I thought this dress was just perfect. The beautiful embroidery is a great addition to what is a fantastic style of dress. It is perfect for my shape (I am a typical hourglass, whilst my waist is a little larger, the bust and hips are equally bigger) but would be equally great for balancing out top heavy ladies and adding shape to sporty ladies.

Babylon Prom Dress (Photo courtesy of Fever)

However, the way the weather is going this year; it seems it wouldn’t be completely unlikely that it would snow, as crazy as that sounds. Whilst it would be strange to plan for that, I thought it would at least be sensible to plan for the fact that it may be colder than usual. So I went in search of the perfect cardigan. 

I considered matching the cardigan to the green trim of the dress, but on further thought, decided that too much green may spoil the outfit. I considered going pink, but it was a little hard to find something that matched exactly. Then I came across this little gem – this white bolero style cardigan is great, because the shape means that it doesn’t cover too much of the dress, but keeps your arms warm. It is also a lot easier to match the white. 

Chiffon Fez Ivory (Photo courtesy of Fever)

Both of these items and many other designs can be purchased from Fever Designs.


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