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My Top 3 Picks Of Prom Dresses For This Fall

Photo courtesy of TheGreenGuide (Click to enlarge)

Even though the temperature outside is getting lower, it doesn’t mean that you have to get all covered up in your prom dress. There is actually a wide selection of fall prom dresses that you can wear to sizzle the frigid evening. Have a look at some fabulous styles that are included in my Top 3 list:

1. One shoulder prom dresses

Photos courtesy of TheGreenGuide (Click to enlarge)

Why wear this dress – Show your charming set of shoulders with this type of dress. One shouldered gowns give a much definitive look that will make you stand out instantly at the party.

2. Royal blue prom dress

Photo courtesy of TheGreenGuide

Why wear this dress – Royal blue depicts the feel of winter as if you're welcoming the season on your big day. In addition to this, the sparkling details represent the stars as if you’re dancing your way to the evening sky.

3. Pink prom dress

Photos courtesy of TheGreenGuide

Why wear this dress - This dress is also included in TheGreenGuide’s prom dress for 2013 fall collection. Pink always defines your sense of femininity and it’s always great to be worn no matter what time of the year. Wear this dress to you party and surely enough you will become the eye candy of the evening and be the envy of other girls.

Do you like my choices of prom dresses for the fall of 2013? Please share your thoughts below.

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