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Photos courtesy of Ernest Mahomane

CAPE TOWN - Black-Rainbow is a fashion tribute to Nelson Mandela by South Africa’s new design talent, Ernest Mahomane. Staying true to his structured futuristic signature, Mahomane’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is the culmination of his serious reflection upon the impact Mandela has had in the world. He has managed to translate this feeling in a carefully orchestrated fashion-forward collection, which celebrates South Africa’s diverse cultural rainbow. In this collection, presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town, on Friday 25th July, Mahomane has skilfully fashioned a youthful and chic, take on the classic ‘little black dress’ (LBD) that every woman can wear, anytime and anywhere.

Black is beautiful and colourful through Mahomane’s eyes as they artfully accent the black backdrop. Through the use of fabrics such as scuba (think diving and neoprene or rubber), embellished mesh, embroidered tulle and lace, that caress the body, Mahomane allows women to express who they truly are… but with added subtle and understated playfulness.

Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2014 (Photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2014 

Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2014 (Photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

Juxtaposed with the understated glamour of the dresses is a touch of ‘naughtiness’, designed to release every woman’s inner flirt for embracing the fun side of life. Whether daytime or transitioning into night, Mahomane has caught the essence of every woman’s desire to feel good inside and out.

With customary attention to detail, Mahomane has created a post-economic austerity, commercially viable collection that embraces quality, epitomises simple grace and a return to femininity at the same time, the collection imperceptibly tantalises and provokes the observer to want to know just a little bit more - the best of both worlds.

Styled with minimal make-up and sleeked back chignons in order not to detract from the pieces, Black-Rainbow is the centre of attention and commands it.

Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2014 (Photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

 Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2014

 Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2014 

Designer Ernest Mahomane (Photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

About Ernest Mahomane

Showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town on Friday 25th July at 17H00. This is Ernest’s second AFI invitation to showcase his talent. 

Mahomane is highly influenced by humans and their ability to adapt and change as culture and trends dictate, which forces designers to try to predict future. For Mahomane, this means that the design process causes the designer to live in the future. He views this ability to manipulate time is a beautiful gift and it inspires all his work.

Owing to his strong relationship with his mother, Mahomane harbours a deep admiration for all women. In particular, he admires the ability of women to evoke emotion simply through their chosen wardrobe. For this reason, he views "woman" as his creative canvas. Ernest’s penchant is for structured design that incorporates a delicate, feminine touch celebrating the female form and all its facets. His clothing is multi-generational and appeals to a variety of tastes.

Watch out for his online store coming soon.

Follow Ernest Mahomane on: Twitter: @ErnestMahomane, Pinterest: Ernest Mahomane

Previous Collections

Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2013 (Photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2013

Ernest Mahomane Spring/Summer 2013 (Photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

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