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By Lynda Castonguay

WMCFW - Fifth & Final Day

Stephan Caras, Madame Moje, MIKAEL D (Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

Stephan Caras

Who: Internationally acclaimed designer whose Toronto atelier is in a historically designated heritage building. And no matter how this collection would have turned out (which it ended up being beautiful) his new born granddaughter in a custom dress in the spring summer fabric of choice would have stolen the show anyway. You can go ahead and cue the awwwww’s. 

What: Sensual creams and poignant gold, strong jacquards and light chiffons. Gold flakes in the shape of leaves, roses and palm leaves adorned long trains, mini-skirts, peplum tops, bell bottom jumpsuits, bubble skirts, and short shorts; blouson sleeves, polka dot blouses, bodice tops, safari sleeves, short suits, one button jackets with sharp shoulders, faux pocket flaps, cocktail dresses, and backwards necklines circa Celine Dion’s backward tux at the 1999 Oscars.

Why: A tug of war between structure and care free. The strict jacquard was balanced out by the fluidity of the long flowing trains and light sleeves and skirts. It was delicate yet tough as nails. It went from clothed and protected to exposed and unguarded but always wild and wonderful

Stephan Caras Spring/Summer 2015

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

Designer Stephan Caras (Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

LUMINOUS by Stephan Caras

Video courtesy of WMCFW

Madame Moje

Who: Somewhat newbies to Toronto Fashion Week, Malashnee Naidoo and her husband Hamed Emtiaz erected the made-in-Canada Madame Moje brand in 2012 when they moved to Vancouver from Singapore. 

What: In a palette of fuschia, cream, aqua, blue, black, and baby pink (lest we forget the gold and the purple), the Mr. & Mrs pulled together a collection of dropped waist and flared skirts, floor length gowns with criss cross backs, lace overlays, laced sleeves, center back butt pleats, and boning waist pieces. Colour blocking and asymmetry, roped embroidery on shoulders and open backs, thigh slits and a choker were further accents. It was monochromatic at times, and others, an array of shades. 

Why: This collection was more about a feeling than a specific inspiration. It evoked the sentiment of eclecticism. No two dresses were the same, and many times they never bore any similarity. It was about providing a look for many tastes on many occasions. 

Madame Moje Spring/Summer 2015

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images


Who: Lasalle College alumni Mikael Derderian began his journey into fashion as a young child with designer and manufacturing parents being his heaviest influences. 

What: An array of embroidery, lace overlays, sheers, jeweled panels, full bodied skirts, tulle trains, ruffles (and lots of them), gradient dresses, sequins, long sleeves, strapless gowns, mermaid silhouettes in black and white, cream, gold, grapefruit and various shades of blue. 

Why: Extravagance knows no boundaries. It comes in many colours, many shapes, and many weights and this collection was a mix of all of that. The upcoming spring and summer came out in the sprightly colours. It was in the mood, the exposed skin, the blossoming skirts. It was statuesque and breath taking. Not for the fashion faint - this was for the woman who has places to go and impressions to make. 

MIKAEL D Spring/Summer 2015

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

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