Friday, January 30, 2015


Press Release

Floral Geometry
Couture Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Photos courtesy of ALFREDO VILLALBA (Click to enlarge)

MADRID, SPAIN - The collection Floral Geometry, Couture Spring Summer 2015, by ALFREDO VILLALBA, merges the basic shapes of geometry, circles, squares and triangles, with the radiant shapes of floral symbolism. Dual and opposing concepts reflected in the texture and the raise of the fabrics, in the volumes of the models and in the colour range.

Diego Villalba, Creative Director, envisions a woman living in the today’s world reflecting the aesthetic inspiration of the clothing of ancient cultures. The Hispanic Roman era is represented by black and white metal mesh mosaic and embroidered marine motifs. The Aztec culture is identified by colourful geometries and metal mesh in precious tones. The flowers, floral motifs, are stamped, embroidered in 3D over the models. A femininity belligerent with established dress codes and lover of exclusive originality.

Photo courtesy of ALFREDO VILLALBA

The dress, always protagonist, is contextualized to showcase new components, tops, bodices, jackets, shorts, over skirts, capes. The importance of the volume of the skirt; flared, layered, keels, bell or adjusted, the drop; long, midi and mini and asymmetric games resume the construction of the dress, elaborate and innovative, exploring new stylistic territory.

The materials, in an enriched version, blend. Metal mesh with a mosaic or armour effect, tulle and embroidered or woven lace, terminations in guipure and rhinestones, crystals and mother-of-pearl, leather and patent leather. Different fabrics are added to the same model creating a luxurious textile collage which ventures through the path of a new concept of the baroque. Studied styles that reside far away from sobriety and minimalism.

ALFREDO VILLALBA states his philosophy. A collection that defines the new ideologies relevant to luxury and to couture. A creative research whose essence is based on attracting antagonistic concepts and which ventures towards anarchy. A unique beauty reached by ordering chaos.

Photos courtesy of ALFREDO VILLALBA

Photos courtesy of ALFREDO VILLALBA

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