Thursday, April 30, 2015


By Lynda Castonguay

TFI Does Brunch with Zarucci

Photo courtesy of Zarucci (Click to enlarge)

Nora Zabarah Pucci is an MBA Graduate, and like so many before her, and so many after her, she pursued fashion instead. Bare of any of formal training, Nora was undeterred from exploring a profession she knew very little about, but loved so very much.

Zarucci is an evening wear line born and bred out of Nora’s love for fine fabrics and texture, and textured and fine her line is. Elaborate designs made of lace and silk, detailed beading and intricate embroidery. This is how Nora translates female beauty, statuesque and fanciful, at once strong and delicate.

Still a fairly young brand, Zarucci has been met with great success with her gowns being spotted on red carpets and magazine editorials in abundance.

Zarucci is what Nora’s dreams are made of. Those dreams were also made of faith and tenacity, two characteristics needed to follow that inner voice. And hers successfully called her over to the colourful side.

Photos courtesy of Zarucci

Photos courtesy of Zarucci

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