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5 celebrity styles with Herschel bags

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You don't have to be a student to carry a backpack. The trusty backpack is now one of the chicest back to school accessory you can possibly wear. Not just beloved for its utilitarian purposes, it is finding new ground in the style territory among the hipster crowd. You know who I'm talking about - those who regularly hang out at Starbucks, and are permanently glued to their earphones and iPads. 

Herschel knows very well the sort of crowd it caters for. Established in 2009, the Canadian brand has definitely made its presence felt, especially among the student and yuppie communities. Its backpacks are inspired by mountaineering functions and come in colours and prints that speak for themselves.

If you've hard enough of lugging around handbags and cramming your stuff into tiny clutches and satchels, then a backpack might serve as a great alternative to storing your junk. But before rushing out to grab a Herschel bag, take a look at how A-listers do it.

1. Ciara

Ciara at Barney's New York (Photo courtesy of

There isn't much that Ciara can't pull off. From her rock-hard abs to her slick but explosive dance moves, girlfriend's got swag. And with that, she can easily rock a leopard-print t-shirt, skinny jeans, and hitch a studded black backpack.

If your downtime style is as bad-ass as Ciara's, try this classic black backpack from Herschel.

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2. Kate Bosworth

If girly is your middle name, then be prepared to swoon over Kate Bosworth's outfit. (I know I did.)

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There is too much to love about Kate Bosworth's outfit. From that furry pink cardigan to those brown suede boots, that chic ponytail paired with her shades, and the way her backpack fits into everything.

Let's see, pink? Oh yes, Herschel has backpacks in that shade too. 

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Too. Cute. Need. To. Buy.

Too girly for you? Rihanna's style might work better for you.

3. Rihanna

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Okay, see, there's a difference between Ciara and Rihanna's style. With Rihanna, anything goes. But everything looks put together. Ciara's style is a little edgier. With Rihanna, there's room for cutesy printed backpacks. (Also, I notice she's quite a fan of blue denim.) Printed backpacks are a great way to update a look without going overboard. Notice how she keeps her outfit simple - white tank top, denim shorts? With prints, less is more. Like this chevron-printed butterscotch one from Herschel. 

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Go crazy with one print, then keep the rest simple.

5. Mary-Kate Olsen

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In trademark MK style, the outfit is avant-garde (who can pull off that jade-green blazer like her, after all?) but tasteful, and that brown backpack, casually slung across, provides a great earthy contrast with the severity of her green and black outfit. Styling genius. Yet another score for one half of the Olsen twins.

Borrow her look with this Herschel backpack.

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And now, don't say I only write for the girls. 

5. Ryan Gosling

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Okay, maybe I am writing for the girls after all. (What? Come on, it's Ryan Gosling.)

Anyway, see how completely dishy he looks in that getup? That backpack goes perfectly with those high-cut brown boots, grey jeans and tee. If the Ryan Gosling look is what you're going for, guys, then the Little America from Herschel might well do the trick.

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