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Press Release

Launches First Men's Collection at TOM* 

 Photo by Shayne Gray | Photography

February 24th 2016 – Canadian designer Muhammad Alamgir showcased his very first men’s collection for L’MOMO this evening on the runway of TOM* at College Park. 

With a fresh look at menswear Alamgir’s F/W16 collection revealed a perfect combination of wearable fashion and bold detailing. Much of his inspiration comes from architecture and futuristic elements. The collection showcased Alamgir’s attention to detail and excitement for the future of men’s fashion. Alamgir pushed the borders of menswear to incorporate strong structure striking features that have yet to be seen in Canadian men’s fashion. The line consisted of models dressed in structural, edgy, space inspired looks, luminescent makeup, ultra-modern sunglasses and gloves that resulted in an overall cohesive collection. 

The Fall/Winter 2016 collection heavily featured innovative fabrics including: reflective knit jersey, coal leather, double take knit, digital print cotton knit, sheer sweater knit and wool. 

With the talent Alamgir possesses, he challenges himself by expanding into the escalating men’s fashion industry. Captivating the Canadian fashion industry with the launch L’MOMO men, while still continuing to build L’MOMO women. Alamgir’s mission to have both men and women feel and dress their best, is showcased with every coming collection. 

Waiting for the show (Photo by Shayne Gray | Photography)

About Muhammad Alamgir 

Muhammad Alamgir is a 24 years old promising designer with strong business and artistic talents. He was born in Pakistan and raised in Canada. Alamgir graduated from Durham College with a Business degree and then went to Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto for Fashion Design. He draws his inspirations from everyday activities and the people around him. He has being working in a well-known Canadian design house and has gained ample amounts of experience.

Muhammad started L’MOMO in 2012. Since inception he has had a strong focus on luxury, tailoring and innovative fabrics. With the success of L’MOMO’s womenswear creating the new branch of of L’MOMO will further Alamgir’s success. On and off the runway, L’MOMO’s collections are renowned for being wearable yet fashion forward. 

Catwalk Highlights

 Photos by Shayne Gray | Photography

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