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How To Pose Like A Pro

Aye Gani (Cycle 3 winner), Jessica Amornkuldilok (Cycle 1 winner), Sheena Liam (Cycle 2 winner)

It is model season in Asia! Not sure what I am talking about? Asia's Next Top Model (AsNTM) is going on its fourth run! We catch up with AsNTM alumni, Rachel Erasmus, as she gives us her expert advice on how models look picture perfect.

Any advice for developing your signature poses? 

My advice would be to do two things: practice in front of the mirror and then take selfies. 

To get you started - or if your posing game isn't strong - Google various poses then try them out yourself. This one not only helps you learn new poses, but also shows you what's most flattering for your body type. Once you've got that down pat, start taking selfies or get someone to take them for you. This not only (obviously) allows you to figure out your best angle, but also shows you how differently (or not) you translate onto pictures - because, you know, people sometimes look different in pictures and in person!

Are there any poses to avoid?

There are no hard and fast rules of poses to avoid. The most important thing to remember is what you're posing for, and listen to the photographer or art director's instructions. Even though you might feel uncomfortable doing a particular pose, or feel it's not right, just let the creative minds direct it, they see something you're missing.

Rachel Erasmus (Photo courtesy AsNTM)

Do you have any simple tips for posing for the camera?

I am very mindful of 4 points. 

1: The outfit - My poses largely depend on what I am wearing. I do twirls and movements for something flowy and mindful of my body shape for something tight-fitted, etc. Don't jump into poses you're comfortable or know you look good in, they might not be right for the outfit.

2: The camera - don't shy away from the camera. Be very mindful of where it is and what's the focus of the picture is. Do a 45 degree "side pose" compared to a 90 degree one. Make sure the camera can see your face at all times. 

3: The light - always find the light and let it fall on your face. (See how lighting can affect your pictures:

4. Angle - Of course we have a favourite side we like better. But don't get fixated on it. If you prefer your left side of your face, compensate with giving various body shapes; and vice-versa where if you have a flattering body side, compensate with different expressions and hand placements. 

Rachel Erasmus (Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community)

What is the difference between a pose for an editorial and a commercial shoot?

An editorial is more edgy, artsy, and impactful. If you ever need to contort your body, here is where it would be used. A commercial is more playful, lots of smiles and movements. Of course these are basic definitions of an editorial and commercial shoot and depend solely on what the product is. 

We know that your schedules can get really hectic. How do you keep looking your best during these times? 

I drink 2 glasses of water the minute I wake up, and hydrate throughout the day. I have been very into home-made remedies - like face masks and drinks - these days and they're pretty good. I ensure I don't have late nights during a hectic period, and lastly avoid oily food. 

Rachel in "Visitors" editorial (Photo courtesy of Click to enlarge

How do you pose for the camera? Let us know some tricks to take selfie-worthy pictures!

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