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By Lisa Doherty

The Early Inspirations for Beauty

Narces Fall/Winter 2016 (Photo by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

Unique new trends in hair, makeup and beauty were spotted right out of the gate at the earliest runway shows of the 2016 Fall/Winter Toronto Fashion Week. Although each show displayed their own creative look for their collection, the common theme appeared to be messy teased hair with bold lips. Mikhael Kale, Narces and Christopher Paunil all embraced the bold lip with little makeup elsewhere. in order to centre the focus on their collection. Each look was trendy, energetic and intriguing.

Mikhael Kale

Mikhael Kale’s collection was edgy, risky and eclectic, but remained classy and sophisticated. His approach to hair and makeup however appeared to be laid back and natural. One would say that the balance to the overall look was perfection. Each model displayed an almost bare face with a light rose coloured lip. The most poignant facial feature was the highlighted cheek bone, giving the illusion of perfect skin and a natural glow. The hair was a fully orchestrated and stylish form of bed-head messy. Could this be a new trend perhaps?

Video courtesy of TFW


The Narces collection was a show stopper at Toronto Fashion Week with the colour red and romantic elegance as themes. The focus was clearly on the bright, bold pieces that so elegantly flowed down the runway.

The models’ hair, makeup and nails were strategically designed to let the clothes do the talking and to maintain the focus on the collection. Each model displayed well blended contouring and highlighting with flawless skin. However the bold, dark, berry coloured lip and the classic cat eye are what stood out to the crowd. This enhanced the complete look by complimenting the red well and by intensifying the beautiful designs of the wedding gowns. A slicked back, classic low bun at the nape of each model’s neck completed the elegant presentation.

Narces Fall/Winter 2016 (Photo by Lisa Doherty)

Narces Fall/Winter 2016 (Photo by Lisa Doherty)

Christopher Paunil

Christopher Paunil is a fairly new designer who’s focus is on classic, wearable clothes with a hint of glamour. This year, he also displayed his collection of wedding gowns, which was well received by the crowd. Since his collection displayed an assortment of neutral tones, he was able to take a riskier approach to his makeup choices by including a bright bold red lip and thick cat eye to each model.

Both of these makeup trends continue to be making a significant comeback in the beauty world. Christopher Paunil also chose to do the “just woke up” messy hair, which again was both classy and edgy. The hair and makeup for this collection proved that his pieces were wearable for day, evening and special events.

Christopher Paunil FW 2016 (Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

Christopher Paunil FW 2016 (Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

Each of these Canadian designers had their own unique approach to the clothes and pieces on display. The one thing that they all had in common however, was their ability to show off some of the most classic trends we are seeing today through hair and makeup. Whether you wear your hair down and messy or slicked back in a casual bun, you will certainly be a trendsetter in the Fall of 2016.

Lisa Doherty (L) attending first day of Toronto Fashion Week FW 2016

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