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5 Ways to Look
Like a Million Dollars for Way Less

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Anyone with a credit card can stroll into a boutique and emerge looking like they just stepped out of the pages of a fashion catalogue. But not many people can be considered to possess genuine style.

You might be able to wear all the designer and cult labels to enjoy that gratifying boost for two minutes, but in a few months' time those clothes will likely be outdated and you'll be a few hundred dollars poorer.

Truly stylish people steer well clear of that toxic cycle. [Related article: 10 Dressing Tips from the Style Squad]

Just pop by Pinterest or Instagram or any style blogs out there, and you'll see these impossibly chic ladies who aren't necessarily decked out in labels, but instead know how to wear classic, nondescript pieces in brand new ways and still look a million dollars.

Want in on that secret? Keep reading.

1. Keep Lines Clean

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Poor-fitting clothes or excessive, superfluous fabrics result in messy lines. You want your silhouette to be streamlined and clean-cut, so that you look effortlessly chic. A pencil skirt, skinny pants (if they're good enough for Audrey Hepburn, they're good enough for you), a crisp button-down shirt, pumps -- these are the basic elements that can polish up your look.

2. Match Unexpected Pieces

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Top-notch OOTDs come with top-notch styling. By layering unexpected pieces like a black turtleneck with an urban-safari skirt that is equal parts polished and rugged, your sophisticated sartorial sense is what takes your outfit from commonplace to high-concept.

3. Go for Sophisticated Fabrics

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"I have no money to look good" is a lousy excuse. You can look completely posh even on a budget, if only you know how to distinguish the posh fabrics from the common cotton. Structured pieces, as well as luxurious fabrics like suede and silk, tend to look more expensive and sophisticated. But the good news is, faux silk can look like a high-end material without causing you to break the bank.

4. Less is More

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

The legendary Coco Chanel once advised, "Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory." Sometimes, all you need is a simple outfit that you don't have to fuss over. Be it a bold red lip or unexpected footwear, let one item be the focus of your look, and keep the rest simple. Understated beauty counts for a lot more than you think in elevating your look.

5. Invest in Classic Pieces

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Stylish people respect the classics - they even stock up on them. And you can't go wrong in a pantsuit. It's favoured by strong, independent women for decades for a reason. A well-tailored jacket and trousers will always make the cut. Add feminine elements like stiletto heels and a statement bangle, and you're all set. If you would rather not go all matchy-matchy, pair separates in complementary or similar shades.

What are some other ways you can look expensive on a budget? Share your tips in the Comments section below!

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