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By Nicole Noël

Hairstyle Trends to Follow this Fall

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Photo courtesy of CelebMafia)

Crisp air, fallen leaves, hot chocolates, and cold days: fall is finally here! These days can get a bit gloomy, and what better way to light them up than with a new hairdo? From shaggy LOBs and layered cuts to highlights, ombres, and sassy pixies – this fall’s trends give you a variety of possible looks! Everyone has their chance to be trendy: both those who enjoy a more classic look and those who feel like experimenting with unusual styles (e.g. vivid orange hair inspired by Kylie Jenner) can find their desired hairstyle. Here are the best ones to inspire you.

Blondes have more fun

Here’s a bit of psychology for you: studies have shown that our hair color plays a significant part in the way other people perceive us. Blondes are seen as fun and approachable, as well as very attractive, which is why many women decide to come to the light side. 

Photos courtesy of Nicole Noël

This fall brought us many different blonde hair trends: from platinum and ice-blonde shades such as the ones of Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift to warmer tones such as the copper rocked by Nicole Kidman or natural blonde worn by Cara Delevingne. There is literally something for everyone’s taste! Mind your skin tone when choosing the right shade: for example, if you have olive skin undertones, with ashy blonde shades – your face might look a bit tired and washed out.

Huge ombre comeback

While balayage ruled during the summer, ombre is the ultimate trend for this fall. Make sure to choose a quality hairdresser since it takes some expertise to create a praise-worthy ombre fade. A good hairstylist can mean a difference between the ombre with a wow-effect and the hair that looks sloppy with roots that haven’t been taken cared of for a while.

Photos courtesy of Nicole Noël

If you have virgin hair and are about to take the first hair dye journey, you may need to bleach your hair so that the application of color is optimal. This means you need to take additional care. Use natural products and color shampoos that will make your color last longer, take hair vitamins that will help you rebuild your hair’s strength from the inside (such as the ones from Hairfinity), put on overnight hair masks to restore moisture and take precaution if you decide on the blonde ombre. Blondes should use a violet shampoo that takes any brassy, yellow tones out of their lightened hair.

Sexy side-part LOB

There is something really powerful about the side part: it gives your hair more volume, it’s edgier, more playful and if you put your hair behind your ear – it’s a great way to show off some ear jewelry, be it ear wraps of piercings. LOB is a hairstyle that looks great on everyone and it is trending huge! 

Photos courtesy of Nicole Noël

The best way to wear it is in a messy manner, such as Alexa Chung or January Jones. To get this kind of texture, simply curl your hair into waves and then use hair mousse to mess it up a bit. LOB is definitely the optimal length, giving you an opportunity to style it in many different ways and also put it in a ponytail while exercising.

Long hair and Old Hollywood waves

Lengthy hair never goes out of style: if it’s healthy and well cared for, it can honestly be a head-turner. A classic symbol of femininity know gets a glamorous update: voluminous combed-through waves combined with a side part. Many celebrities embraced this look, such as Amber Heard, Barbara Palvin, and Emma Stone, but it’s not only red carpet reserved. We all need a dash of glamour in our everyday life: these retro curls are really easy to make and they work the best on slightly layered cuts. 

Photos courtesy of Nicole Noël

There you have it: some of the most eye-catching trends for the fall! Freshen up your hairstyle and you’ll notice just how you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready for new beginnings.

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