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By Luke Douglas

Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends 

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Fashionistas all over the globe flock to fashion capitals for the ultimate event of the season – the Fashion Month. This is not only a time where the most prominent celebrities take the first rows decked out in their finest, no, this is a time when we all, through different channels get an all-encompassing insight into what will be hot in the (hot) seasons to come. It is safe to say that this year’s Spring/Summer collections were not only brave and innovative, but also highly diverse and inspiring, which means that there will be absolutely something for everyone. Here, we present our picks of the best, most wearable trends, and we dare you to resist them. 

Don’t be so sure 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

Back in 2016, the so-called ‘death of the logo’ was proclaimed, mostly due to millennial preferences at the time – not wanting to look like walking advertisements. Whether the mighty millennials have changed their minds or the designers choose to disregard this momentary disdain, the result is the same – the logo is definitely alive and in color (and large fonts). Every fashion powerhouse, from Gucci, to Versace, went back to placing their respective logos on everything from bags, dresses, so if you want to make a fashion statement – one that proclaims your love for a particular brand, this is as good a time as any to do so.

In sickness and in rain 

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Although we tend to have this idyllic notion of spring being the season of awakening, in many parts of the world this is still a tricky time weather-wise, which is exactly why investing in great outerwear is a wise, if not a crucial move. Many of you will definitely rejoice the fact that the timeless trench coat is back in the spotlight once again, particularly those of you with inclinations towards minimalistic fashion. However, there is a little something for all the maximalists as well. If the likes of Alexander McQueen are to be trusted (and they are) this season we’ll be looking at plenty of embroidered and even deconstructed versions of this dateless piece, so if you’re looking to spice things up and take the trench to a whole new level, you have all the approval you need.

As gentle as it gets 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

The power red may have been the color of the Fall/Winter season, but for the sunnier times, designers have decided on a more gentle color palette that will mainly be revolving around soft and delicate pastels. From Celine to Chanel and Tom Ford, everyone presented their own interpretation as to how the soft hues are to be worn, and there are plenty of flattering options for everyone. There are frilly floor-length dresses, oversized blazers, and chic shorts – the options are there for the picking, so find your go-to cut and hue and be a vision in pastel, whether at work, at a resort or simply rocking your best look while running around town. When in doubt, remember that millennial pink looks ravishing on everyone.

Always a good time 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

Of course, there is no complete outfit without the accessory that’s been ruling the past few years and has no intention of slowing down – killer eyewear. The girls who live in the land of perpetual sun (for the most part) already know how important amazing eyewear is to a look. Of course, we’re talking about Australian girls, for whom great specs are a more than a fashion signature staple – they also serve to protect the eyes. This is precisely why they always turn to their trusty optometrist in Burwood to get the best possible lenses and the trendiest frames. So, make sure you find your most flattering frame and stay both fly while protecting the eyes.

The year of the shoulder 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

If there is one thing we’ve learned from Tom Ford is that a woman can look sexy, chic and powerful all the same time – given the right color palette and cuts. This is where the mighty wide-shoulder blazer steps onto the stage. Whether you’ll be rocking it in hot or millennial pink or opt for a crisp white version, there is no chance that you won’t look fierce while wearing one. The thing about this blazer is that it can look completely office-appropriate, but it can also be incredibly casual depending on the rest of the outfit. A definite must-have, that much is certain.

The cutest

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We know there are many polka dot lovers out there who, even when the pattern wasn’t the most prominent one rocked it and stayed faithful. Well, it’s time to rejoice, because your beloved playful pattern is back once again, which is no surprise given that in fashion everything is bound to come back in style eventually. However, instead of the dainty, this season we’ll be looking at dots larger than life, and the most on point combo will be black and white

The final destination

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

We’ve almost reached the end of our list, but it couldn’t possibly be complete without the second most important accessory – the bag. Some of you might not be thrilled with the news, while others may be ecstatic. The fanny pack is here yet again, but worry not; if you weren’t a fan of the traditional fanny which was seen on models walking for Marc Jacobs, there are more minimalistic, solid and chic options such as the ones presented by Givenchy, Kate Spade and Rochas. Even if you don’t think you’ll be a fan, don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. It is definitely a strong look, and given that it leaves the hands free, it’s a practical one as well.

There you have it, the best of the best! So, which cuts and patterns will you check out first?

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