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How to Choose a Wedding Perfume

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When it comes to your wedding day, every decision counts, and the perfume you wear on your special day is no exception. Just like shoes and jewelry, your perfume is an essential accessory and can be just as difficult to choose. However, here are a few things to remember when choosing the perfect wedding perfume that will make the process effortless.

Create Harmony

Scent is essential in creating unity between your wedding look and the atmosphere of the day. Of course, if you’re planning a summer wedding in the Bahamas, you probably won’t choose your favorite fall perfume. But choosing a perfume that even subtly complements the venue or theme of the wedding will ensure you exude composed sophistication.

You should also consider the other scents that will be present on the day, especially the fragrance your partner will be wearing. There are many ways to ensure your fragrances complement one another, such as choosing those with overlapping unisex notes, such as vanilla or citrus. Similarly, you may want to consider any scents that are akin to your wedding venue. For example, a rustic, barn wedding might suit a perfume with wood notes, such as sandalwood or cedar, whereas a garden wedding would be the perfect place to spritz a floral fragrance.

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Lasting Impression 

Do your friends always think of you when they smell your go-to perfume? Or perhaps your fiancĂ© always compliments you when you’re wearing a certain fragrance. Many brides, including Princess Diana, choose to wear their signature or long-time favorite scent on their wedding day.

This choice not only helps a bride feel the most themselves on their big day, but it is also the best way to prevent perfume regret. You already know how long a tried-and-tested perfume lasts, which is going to be important on such an eventful day. Wearing a perfume that you love also means you’ll get to wear your wedding scent over and over again, which is important to many brides as your wedding scent can bring you back to the moment of walking down the aisle.

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Many of us can admit we have tested luxury perfumes that we’ve just never been able to justify splurging on. However, when put into perspective how much we invest in our wedding day, treating yourself to that designer perfume doesn’t seem so outrageous. Just compare the price of your dress to even the largest of bottles of your dream perfume. You shouldn’t be afraid to invest in the perfect perfume, but fragrances at all price ranges can be found online, so find your perfume and buy now.

To many modern brides, looking great isn’t enough if you don’t smell irresistible too. However, if choosing a wedding scent has become another stressful decision, just remember to follow your nose. As long as you keep in mind the theme of your big day, you should trust your own taste. And if you’re really stuck, bring along a couple on the day and you’ll know which one feels right in the moment.

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  1. I love this article, even though I am a man I can understand what you are saying. A woman does have her own special fragrance. Every time I am with my woman I notice how she smells right away. Even when she is away and she leaves some of her clothes at my place, I can smell the perfume in the room.


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