Monday, January 7, 2019


By Eva Fydrych

Your Ultimate 2019 Fitness Guide
How to Work Out in Style

Fitness Fever fashion editorial (Photos by Elvis Deane; Clothes by Fem Athletica)

Beginning of the new year is always the time when we start thinking about renewing our gym membership and getting serious about working out.

If you feel like you are stuck in a boring routine and need some fresh fitness inspiration, you came to the right place! Fashion Studio Magazine prepared lots of useful tips that will not only get you going, but most of all will help you stick to your resolutions and make getting fit more fun.

With many popular workouts getting fresh updates next year and new fitness trends becoming more and more popular, now is a great time to update your exercise routine and achieve desired results in 2019. Trying new things or getting some high-tech accessories can be a great way to boost both performance and motivation. Are you ready?

Sports bra and leggings by Fem Athletica; Model: Meghan Chayka (Click to enlarge)

The Health & Fitness Revolution

"With millennials becoming the main influencers in the world, and not just of fashion for that matter, their voices are shaping the reality of the modern consumer. And when it comes to lifestyles, the long-reigning rule of fast-food and fast life is galloping towards its end, to be replaced by a health-oriented, self-aware way of living.

In the real world, that translates to a greater tendency towards physical activities of all sorts, more people hitting the gym, opting for the protein smoothie instead of the choco-cookie latte, and even more of them eager to switch to whole, nutritious foods and ready to take up an aerobics class. And with a changing mindset that revolves around wellbeing, it makes sense that activewear becomes more than just a fashion choice, but a reflection of one’s preferences, and a form of self-expression." - Luke Douglas

Sports bra and leggings by Fem Athletica; Model: Meghan Chayka

Start Small

January is a great time to start thinking about your health and set your fitness goals for the whole year. And while keeping the big picture in mind is always a good idea, every transformation begins with small steps and with making changes in your everyday routine. That approach helps to actually achieve your goal without feeling overwhelmed, quitting or going back to your old habits.

We usually under appreciate the power of small actions which - repeated frequently - can bring big results over time. So this year, instead of focusing on those huge goals that may be a little bit unrealistic, do something very simple, but stick to it and add some more elements along the way.

Don’t be too ambitious. Set goals that you can manage, talk with your closest friends and ask your family for support; it's always easier to do things together than just on your own. Remember that even small steps can be steps in the right direction.

Sports bra and leggings by Fem Athletica; Model: Meghan Chayka

Workout in Style

One of the most important things in your overall fitness plan should be joining the right gym where you will not only feel comfortable, but you also get necessary support and access to the latest gym equipment.

One of our favourite places in Toronto is definitely Hone Fitness. With their convenient downtown locations, affordable membership options, personal training packages, and unlimited tanning, you can't really go wrong! Take advantage of a one day Free Trial offer and start working towards your fitness goals in style.

"A knowledgeable personal trainer will improve your exercise execution and skill so that you reduce your risk for injury and get the most out of each activity." - Infofit

Sports bra and leggings by Fem Athletica; Model: Meghan Chayka

Stay Fit During the Winter Months

Exercising during winter is equally important as keeping fit during summer, even though it’s a lot harder. Whatever the weather brings, there are always opportunities to give your body much-needed care.

Making exercise a priority is important and the best way to make sure you meet your physical activity requirements on a daily basis is to make it part of your everyday life. Always keep in mind that a fit and healthy body doesn't happen overnight so you should keep your eyes on the prize. 

It may not be very obvious at first, but even in winter getting outdoors can put you in a better mood. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hockey - there are so many things you can do outdoors during the winter months! Even typical summer sports, such as running and cycling, are still an interesting option if you know how to dress properly and keep warm.

Try Something New

There are a lot of indoor activities that don't require nice weather, so winter is not really an excuse! How about trying something new this year? Boxing is a form of martial arts and a contact sport that more celebrities and non celebs alike are taking up. 

Swimming doesn't really need recommendation. It is a great all-round activity which builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It not only helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs, but also tones muscles and builds overall strength. After your workout in a pool, there is nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub where you can totally forget that the weather outside is cold. 

Sports bra and leggings by Fem Athletica; Model: Karina Garcia

Invest in Stylish Workout Clothes

Sometimes all it might take to get you motivated and out the door is a new workout gear. Invest in trendy leggings, joggers, tanks, tops, and T-shirts – whatever it takes to make you look good, feel good, and get your fitness on!

"One of the biggest trends of the past several seasons, and one that will stay with us for a long time, is our timeless love for crop tops. They’re comfortable, fabulous, can be worn both during workouts and your summer outings. So, it’s no wonder they are a favorite garment among supermodels, such as the Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner. Now, if they have said yes to the crop, who are we to say no?" - Luke Douglas

Fem Athletica, emerging fitness brand based in Toronto, offers a great selection of fashionable leggings and sports bras for all your fitness needs. The founders continuously do their research to develop the best performance activewear, yoga wear, tights, running gear, and gym wear for women. Living an active lifestyle never felt so good!

Sports bra and leggings by Fem Athletica; Model: Karina Garcia

Exercise Like a Runway Model

"Let’s not beat around the bush: no exercise program can give you the catwalk results without a diet to follow it. That said, if you’re ready to commit to a healthy eating routine, then you can prepare your body and your mind for the strenuous workouts ahead! For starters, the goal of every supermodel is to lean down on fat to a very slender physique and not get overly bulky.

That means that keeping your metabolism fast and efficient is of vital importance. Models tend to have balanced diets rich in fresh, whole foods, as well as lean sources of protein, and ample healthy snacks. Some of them go vegan, others order in their healthy meals, but the essence of their menu is simple: keep it lean and flat belly-friendly!" - Cooper Klein

Sports bra and leggings by Fem Athletica; Model: Meghan Chayka

Fitness Trends for 2019

"Fitness experts in the US are convinced: fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearables will be fitness trend number one in 2019. This was the finding of the annual survey of health and fitness professionals published in the November issue of ACSM Health & Fitness Journal." -

Other important trends include: Chroma Yoga (combining light therapy, scent and yoga to create a multisensory fitness experience), HIIT Yoga Classes, Aerial Fitness, Boxing, New Technology / Digital Fitness, At-home Sessions, Personal Training, and Strength Training Without the Weights. Read more here.

And with all this info in mind, just pick one activity that you find most appealing and start exercising today. For some extra motivation, try these tips: 15 Foolproof Strategies to Stick to Your Fitness ResolutionsOne year from now, you will be amazed how incorporating fitness into your lifestyle changes not only your body, but also your mind. Good luck!

Fitness Fever fashion editorial (Photos by Elvis Deane; Clothes by Fem Athletica)


Photography: Elvis Deane / Slander
Makeup: Anna Caputo / Makeup by Anna
Models: Meghan Chayka & Karina Garcia
Art direction: Eva Fydrych
Location: Hone Fitness, Toronto
Clothes: Fem Athletica

*Special thank you to Hone Fitness, 196 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2C2


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