Friday, November 29, 2019


By Lena Hemsworth

Inlight the spark in you
with a simple change in your daily routine

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Our daily lives are full of the same old obligations; from the moment we open our eyes, there are dozens of things we have to do that day, places to go, stuff to buy. Sometimes it's like we are on autopilot, unaware of all that's beautiful about life and ourselves.

It's time to stop and pay attention to ourselves, to slow down, to change the routine and do something that will truly benefit us and ease the stress of the boring, but yet overwhelming rut. The following are suggestions on how you can introduce a change into your routine and feel good every day.

1. Come up with a morning ritual

For sure, there's a thing you love doing, so it would be best if you started your day with precisely that routine. Let your first activity in the morning be something meaningful, something you enjoy. Maybe you like jogging or having a hot shower; maybe you like to meditate or play your favorite album. It's better to create positive feelings right from the very start then open your eyes only to rush and gets stressed over obligations. That won't do any good for your mental health.

In case you need ideas for your morning ritual, why not write a morning gratitude list? Right down 5 things you feel grateful for. That will put things into the right perspective and make you value what you have - and it's so much harder to feel negative for the rest of the day.

2. Practice kindness

It has been proven that people who are kind to others and who participate in acts of kindness are happier because they think better of themselves and feel more positive and optimistic. There are so many ways to show kindness every single day. Smile to shop assistants and cashiers, give somebody a ride to the airport, help the neighbor take out the garbage. Seize any opportunity you get to be kind, no matter how small you think it is. It's the small acts of kindness that create a mark that fulfills both you and the person who receives it.

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3. Read whatever, whenever

Reading books is great for so many reasons. You unconsciously gather more knowledge, you're letting your imagination grow, you're developing your creativity. Immersing yourself into a book is a type of meditation because you are focusing only on what you're reading, quieting your mind. It's very beneficial to read a book before bed because you'll also get quality sleep. Books can also help you with some real-life advice. So, even if you have the time or focus for just one page - read it.

4. Strive to single-task

The fact is that only 2% of people can multitask effectively. The rest of us are just hectically trying to deal with numerous tasks at the same time, forgetting about one, not completing the other and doing low-quality of the third one. It just doesn't work as much as we think it does and it's stressful and frustrating. Heavy multitasking will only impair your cognitive control and decrease your efficiency.

Stop and learn how to single-task. Make a list of activities you are supposed to do that day and prioritize them. Do each one of them one by one. Don't start with the next one until you're completely done with the previous one. It leads to less stress and you'll notice you are finishing your obligations sooner.

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5. Surround yourself with positive people

In general, there are 5 people in your life with whom you spend most of your time. So, it would be wise to make sure these people are not getting you down, spreading negative energy around themselves. You need people who nurture happiness and who evoke it in others. Whenever you can, choose to be with that type of people instead of somebody always ready to complain or fuss about something. You'll see that happiness is contagious when you expose yourself to happy people.

6. Move that body

Doing regular exercise is so much more than looking good and be fit and physically healthy. Introducing some kind of workout routine to your life will bring many benefits to your mental health and help you relieve stress and negative energy. Workout also makes you feel more confident, puts you in a good mood and gives you time to think. Some physical activities enable you to focus solely on yourself, for example, cycling. You can use it as a means of transport from work and back, while you're simultaneously avoiding traffic, increasing your blood flow and soothing your mind. Visiting sites like Bikes Online will help you find a bike you'll fell in love with and add it to your new routine.

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8. Seek the company of doers

Think about people you surround yourself with every day. If you are the most proactive person among them, then it's time you look for a different company, somewhere else. You want to be close to active people, who do instead of talk, who make difference and explore instead of repeating the same old story. Doers will inspire you, make your everyday life different, help you bring new ideas into the world.

9. Write a journal

Don't worry, this isn't about a teenage diary where you get to be jealous of the girl who stole your sweetheart. Writing a journal like this is a chance to do mental cleaning and realizing that the fog that's been in your head disappears the moment you put your thoughts, anger, fear, and doubts on paper. Many times, we can't hear ourselves because there's simply too much noise in our heads - the chores, the work, the kids, our partner, the bills - there are so many things you need to juggle with. Putting your thoughts on paper will help you focus and find out what you really think. Clarity can be incredibly rewarding.

10. Take care of your body

No one will think of you as selfish or big-headed if you do something for yourself every day. You need to be your first concern, so doing things that make you feel beautiful and your body healthy are never wrong. Try to do spend at least 15 minutes every day on something that will pamper you and make you feel good in your skin. It can be a luxurious bubble bath, a 30-minute massage, a skincare routine in front of the mirror or a visit to the hairdresser. Making a face mask, preparing a cup of detox tea or giving yourself a manicure remind you that you and your needs matter. It's a way of expressing your love for yourself.

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11. Learn how to listen

Effective communication is the most important aspect of quality relationships. And the crucial thing in communication is being a good listener. It isn't just about being polite in order to make the other person feel valued. Listening carefully will help you understand the person better, which will give you afresh perspective. Practice developing this skill every day, at every given chance. Pay attention not only to what people are saying but how they are saying it. The more attentive you are at listening to them, the more you'll learn. And it's easier to avoid unnecessary conflicts that drain your energy and mess with your inner peace when you actually listen and understand the other person. If you need to develop your active listening skills, a licensed counselor can help. Visit for more information on the benefits of speaking with a counselor.

12. Take a few breaks throughout the day

No matter how much we try, sometimes your mind simply feels overwhelmed. It's necessary to identify that moment and to take a step back. When you feel you're losing focus or you're getting bored, give your mind a break. You will manage to recharge and to re-evaluate what you're doing. Sometimes 5 minutes mean a lot - learn to recognize when your mind needs to reboot.

13. Get your beauty sleep

Ok, beauty isn't the only reason why you should get at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Your overall health depends a lot on how much quality sleep you get regularly. The lack of sleep affects your mood and memory, clouds your judgment, and even leads to more serious conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Remember that our bodies crave a routine. Even though this article helps you break your usual stressful routine, developing a healthy sleeping routine is the path to a more productive day. Know that every night you spend sleeping peacefully for 8 hours brings you a day fulfilled with a positive mood, more ideas, and more energy to realize them. Do your best to turn in at more or less the same time and avoid laptops and smartphones before that. Darken your room and make sure you have light supper. It won't take you long before you teach your body to go to sleep at the same time and get quality sleep.

The spark in you can be lit every single day if you do less of the things that bore you, stress you out or annoy you and do more of the things that bring you joy, inspire you or make you feel useful or wiser. Give yourself a chance to make every day a new adventure.


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