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By Patrick Adams

12 Stunning Design Tips
for Creating a Dream Bathroom 

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One of the rooms in our home where we can relax completely is our bathroom. No wonder why so many interior designers spend significant time on designing and equipping this room - the owners enjoy having a bathroom that will indulge their senses and help them decompress after a stressful day. 

The following design tips will put you in the right direction and help you create your dream bathroom. 

1. Create a feature wall 

Creating texture in the bathroom will make it warmer and cozier, and a great way to do it is to have a feature wall. It's really eye-catching and it helps you highlight a specific area in the bathroom, and the style options are numerous. 

The important thing is not to go overboard - keep it simple with the rest of the bathroom. Otherwise, it will be too much of everything. Don't also opt for a feature bath or feature accents. 

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2. Unexpected item 

Many times, a dream bathroom includes an item you wouldn't normally find there - but that is exactly the point of a dream bathroom, right? A good example of such an item is a hanging chair or at least a small side table. Of course, a hanging chair would need a lot of space, so if your bathroom can't provide it, consider the alternatives. Maybe a lovely ottoman or a cute pouf would add an unexpected charm or at least a vintage chair. Try out several items and see what you like. 

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3. Install a double sink 

In case your bathroom is used by more than one person, then you could consider installing a double sink so that everybody is happy. An extended vanity with a double sink means a quicker and simpler use when you are both in a hurry. You can even customize the vanity with a countertop, wood finish and experiment with style. In other words, not only will it be functional but also personalized and modern. 

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4. Floor as the star of the bathroom 

If there's still old linoleum in your bathroom, then it's time you replace it with something more modern and luxurious. So many beautiful types of tiles are at your disposal, and you don't have to make it simple. The floor takes up less square footage than the walls, which means you can get as playful as you want with it because you can't really go too far. In case you have calming colours and you don't have a flashy pattern, let your imagination run wild with the floor and make it the focus of the bathroom. 

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5. Go big with fixtures 

Plumbing fixtures can be the big finish of a bathroom because they are usually metallic, creating a dramatic effect. Finishes and styles are abundant when it comes to fixtures, including brass and bronze, among many others. Bear in mind the motif you want to keep in the bathroom but also think about future maintenance. For example, gold fixtures look incredibly luxurious but they will require a lot more maintenance than common fixtures. 

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6. Be one step ahead with a bidet 

It's time you install this great addition and have a bathroom just like five-star European hotels. Believe it or not, bidets are a step forward towards a more comfortable and more hygienic bathroom. They come with a high number of styles and features like those in expert companies like Bidets Online and it's the biggest sign that having a bidet is a sign of luxury and much-necessary comfort. Even if you don't have health issues that would be soothed through using a bidet, it goes without saying that it is an incredibly practical addition to a bathroom. 

7. Be warm and cozy at all times 

A clear sign of luxury is having a heated floor in the bathroom. Tiles are a better choice here because they get warmer faster because they are quite thin. A heated floor is also an efficient solution, not just a luxury one - the heat in the room rises when there's heated floor in it, making the bathroom a cozy and warm place (not just for your feet). You can choose whether to make the whole floor heated or you can only stick to heating specific areas where you need it most, like around the bath or in front of the mirror. 

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8. Have a statement pendant 

Whether you call it a mini chandelier or a pendant, a hanging light fixture will add a grandiose feeling to the bathroom. Even if you have a small bathroom, the scale of light shed by a pendant will feel powerful, even more so than in a big bathroom. A pendant may be the most powerful addition to the bathroom because it can do a lot with just one big splurge. 

If you're more for a mini chandelier than for a pendant, choose the 45-centimetre diameter. If you have a large bathroom, then 60 or even 90-centimetre diameter will do the trick. 

9. Have layered lighting 

Layered lighting will allow you to set different moods in the bathroom, depending on what you want to do - to have a relaxing bath, apply makeup or maybe pluck your eyebrows. Make sure the mirror is well-lit by having lights that glow behind, above or beside the mirror. They will light your face properly so that you can see every inch of your face clearly. 

A small, water-safe recessed light in the shower will make it look bigger while installing a dimmer on the ceiling light will allow you to have a relaxing or romantic bath in the evening. 

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10. Bring in nature 

Sometimes bathrooms look cold and sterile due to the shiny finishes and hard surfaces all around. So, maybe your dream bathroom should include plants that will add life to space and make it warmer and more welcoming. You can simply put a vase of fresh flowers somewhere or place a potted plant inside (the one that likes wet places). Alternatively, a floral motif on the towels or the tiles will bring a touch of nature inside your private oasis. 

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11. Spoil yourself with a luxurious tub 

Just because you have a standalone shower doesn't mean you can't indulge yourself with a luxurious bathtub, too. A freestanding tub with an accompanying stool next to it so that you can place a book or a glass of wine on it - that's about as luxurious as it can get. If you manage to find a perfectly fitted tub tray for these items, then you don't need anything else. 

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12. Choose elegant storage 

It doesn't matter how big your bathroom is - you'll always feel like you need just a bit more storage. That means you need to be creative with the square footage you're provided with. Some walls in bathrooms can be partially opened for installing a medicine cabinet or a niche. However, you would have to consult a contractor in this case. Open shelves will provide you storage without closing the room and making it look smaller. If you need closed storage, install a mirror door front to make the bathroom look larger and getting yourself a full-length mirror at the same time. 

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A dream bathroom means different things to different people but there's definitely one thing in common - it means having items in the bathroom that make you feel spoiled and comfortable. It's a room where you go to recharge so don't hesitate to add items that you find luxurious and important for your enjoyment. 


Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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