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By Eva Fydrych

Diversity, creation and more than 55,000 visitors 
at the 71st edition of MBFWMadrid 

TETE BY ODETTE - Calle Velázquez (Photo by Getty Images)

More than 1,000 media professionals covered MBFWMadrid while the official website was visited by more than 220,000 users 

MBFWMadrid was the scene of the first 5G parade held in Spain by the winner of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project, Yvan Andreu, who opened the day dedicated to young talents

Madrid, 11 February 2020. –The 71st edition of MBFWMadrid closed its first call for 2020 on a very positive note and with many new features in its organisation. The largest Spanish fashion show organised by IFEMA took place from 28 January to 2 February with Hall 14.1 of Feria de Madrid as its main stage, among other emblematic locations in the city of Madrid.

This first edition of 2020, and therefore of the new decade, registered more than 1,000 media professionals interested in covering the great national fashion event. What’s more, 55,150 people enjoyed the meeting from 28 January to 2 February.

PILAR DALBAT - Salón de Bóvedas (Photo by Getty Images)

What's new in the calendar

Highlighted among the most important novelties of this edition was the inclusion of three names synonymous with fashion in our country: Pertegaz, which for the first time paraded in a fashion week under the creative direction of Jorge Vázquez; Fernando Claro, which premièred at MBFWMadrid in the wake of its media impact generated as one of the firms chosen by our country’s most popular influencers; and Dominnico, whose parade featured in the show’s programme of well established designers after winning the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award in July 2019. This call was privileged to bring in a total of 37 leading Spanish designers and brands, which presented their collections on the Madrid catwalk.

The edition was opened on 28 January by Pilar Dalbat, who presented the collection on her firm’s 20th anniversary in the Salón de Bóvedas of the Casa de la Panadería. The Granada designer gave way to shows of well established designers who presented their proposals at different venues in Madrid during the day.

On the 29th, the shows started in Hall 14.1 of IFEMA with Roberto Diz. All of each day's presentations were held at the Feria de Madrid with the exception of the last parade on Wednesday (Pedro del Hierro), Thursday (Pertegaz) and Friday (L'Oréal Paris Visibility Parade), which took place at the Galería de Cristal in the Palacio de Cibeles, with the collaboration of Madrid City Council as part of its programme, Madrid Capital de Moda (MCDM).

This edition of MBFWMadrid also included two unique shows. On the one hand, the L'Oréal Paris Visibility Catwalk, as a tribute to women over 50; and on the other, the global presentation of the new Iberia uniforms in the Iberia by Teresa Helbig show, held on Saturday, 1 February.

TETE BY ODETTE - Calle Velázquez (Photo by Getty Images)

TETE BY ODETTE - Calle Velázquez (Photo by Getty Images)

Samsung EGO

On this occasion, the Samsung EGO meeting brought the MBFWMadrid January 2020 calendar to a close on Sunday, 2 February. Specifically, in this call, the day was opened by the winner of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project, Yvan Andreu, with the first catwalk in Spain developed using 5G technology. This proposed merger of fashion and technology was a true demonstration of what Samsung and its new smartphones compatible with the 5G network can achieve.

A platform for business

With the focus placed on the capital generating business, in this edition the MBFWMadrid organisation included a programme of national buyers in the programme of international professional guests.

Well-known and prestigious multi-brand stores from different parts of Spain came to MBFWMadrid to learn about the designers’ creative proposals. Percha (Santander), Alejandra Montaner (Valencia), Santa Eulalia (Barcelona) and Madrid's Pez, Beniroom and Es Fascinante, among others, attended the event to see the Spanish designers’ collections first hand.

MAISON MESA - Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo (Photo by Getty Images)

MBFWMadrid Internationalisation

In the same way, at this edition, the MBFWMadrid management took a further step forward in the programme of international buyers with the presence of a large group of professionals of the highest quality and interest in our market, as well as inviting significant international showrooms. Representatives of prominent fashion outlets and distributors such as the Selfridges shopping centres in Great Britain, Saks Fifth Avenue in Kazakhstan or Galeries Lafayette in Qatar, the Parisian MC2 and MF showrooms and the Mytheresa on-line store.

Furthermore, with the aim of promoting the internationalisation of the parade, renowned media outlets such as Vogue Italy, Vogue Greece, Elle Portugal, Schon! and Madame magazines (Germany), Reforma newspaper (Mexico) or Flash Fashion/NTN24 TV (Colombia) were among some of the media attending the international guest programme organised by MBFWMadrid. Once again, Vogue Runway echoed this edition on its website.

DOMINNICO - Sala Mercedes-Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

DOMINNICO - Sala Mercedes-Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

MBFWMadrid digitalisation

The visibility of MBFWMadrid in the digital environment increased over previous editions. More than 220,000 users consulted MBFWMadrid information through the official website, prominent were the more than 50,000 new users coming to the official site for the first time.

Regarding social networks, MBFWMadrid broke records in the growth of its official profiles at this edition, reaching 350,000 followers on the different social platforms in which the show is present. Similarly, the presence of MBFWMadrid at GPS Radargave the fashion week visibility on an international social network of fashion.

A sustainability-oriented catwalk

Sustainability was especially present at this edition of MBFWMadrid. Some of the designers participating opted for Slow Fashion, small collections made in local workshops and with quality, durable garments. In addition, the official bag of this edition was made from recycled PET plastic bottles and both the sweatshirts (by the sustainable fashion brand Ecoalf) and the shoes (by Callaghan) of the hosts and hostesses of MBFWMadrid were made in materials of low environmental impact.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. - Sala Bertha Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

THE 2ND SKIN CO. - Sala Bertha Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

L'Oréal Paris Award for Best Collection and Best Model

Juan Vidal won the L'Oréal Paris award for Best Collection for his 'Barbara', inspired by the British writer Bárbara Cartland. The designer from Elda/Alicante won the award - for the fourth time - with a collection that pays tribute to women’s femininity. Natalia Sabe was the winner of the L'Oréal Paris Prize for the best model.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award went to the young designer Fatima Miñana, who presented her collection 'Geometry of Fear' on Sunday, 2 February, on the day dedicated to Samsung EGO emerging talent. With this creative proposal, the young creator from Madrid seeks to defend the importance of design and avant-garde by creating unique pieces.


The 71st edition had the support of 18 leading brands in its sector: Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal Paris and Inditex, as the main sponsors; Samsung, Dyson, Royal Bliss, Mar de Frades, Licor 43, Iberia, Mó de Multiópticas and Smart Water as sponsors; and Appletiser, Santander, ESNE, Callaghan, Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid (official hotel of MFWMadrid), IED and URJC, as collaborators.
Source: MBFWMadrid

ANGEL SCHLESSER - Sala Mercedes-Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

ANA LOCKING - Sala Mercedes-Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

ERNESTO NARANJO - Centro cultural Conde Duque (Photo by Getty Images)

FATIMA MIÑANA - Sala Mercedes-Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

TERESA HELBIG - Sala Bertha Benz (Photo by Getty Images)

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