Sunday, February 16, 2020


Press Release

Artist Project
20-23 February 2020

Artwork by Celine Gabrielle (Photo courtesy of Artist Project)

TORONTO, ON - Toronto’s favourite art fair returns on February 20th to 23rd, bringing together artists from a variety of disciplines to showcase their talents at the 13th annual Artist Project. Hosted at the Better Living Centre, the contemporary art fair opens its doors to gallerists, curators, collectors, art aficionados and new art lovers to connect with over 300 emerging or established Canadian and international artists.

The shoppable gallery-style experience intimately connects guests with artists for a more personal experience with art and features trend setting pieces like top trends to watch at Artist Project 2020:

Trend: Bold Brushstrokes: This trend is the artists use of a pronounced brushstroke in their work making it feel very tactile, deliberate and expressive.

Photos courtesy of Faulhaber Communications (Click to enlarge)

Trend: Nostalgia: This trend is the use of nostalgia for either for trying to reconcile identity and past family history, or for the preservation of the past in our rapidly evolving society.

Photos courtesy of Faulhaber Communications

Trend: Folklore, Fantasy & Narratives: This trend is the artist’s use of folklore, fantasy and narrative aesthetics as source material to influence technique, subject matter and symbolism.

Photos courtesy of Faulhaber Communications

Trend: Women Depicting Women: This trend highlights women who are depicting other women or ideas around feminism and female identity in their work. 

Photos courtesy of Faulhaber Communications

Trend: Greyscale: A marked shift in trend from big bold paintings this trend is the use of grey tones in artwork, by removing colour the subject is pushed forward.

Photos courtesy of Faulhaber Communications

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