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By Helen Bradford

5 Makeup Hacks
That Accentuate Your Best Facial Features

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Women have been using makeup for centuries since ancient times and they still use it for numerous reasons. The reason makeup has remained such a popular trend is that it has some powerful features including the ability to hide certain imperfections, to enhance the best facial features and to reflect creativity if applied in the right way. Women use makeup as it has an empowering effect on their self-confidence and self-image. The key to a natural, little enhanced look lies in knowing what and how to accentuate to look stunning. Keep reading to learn about makeup hacks that accentuate your best facial features

Wear a minimal or lightweight base 

While on the subject of beauty hacks that every woman must know, we ought to start from the fundamentals i.e. the base. If you are blessed with clear and smooth skin, use it as your main ‘weapon’. Don’t put a heavy foundation on it. Instead, just hydrate your skin and skip the foundation part. You can never look more natural than without a base! And if you still want some coverage, apply a BB cream or a light foundation, just to give your face a fresh look. Remember to finish off your base routine with a translucent powder for a longer duration. Of course, it goes without saying that beautiful skin and hence, overall look stem from proper skin maintenance and cleansing routines.  

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Emphasize your eyes 

Many people are guided by that famous old saying ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ and the first thing they notice on people is their eyes. We should really pay attention to how we want to present ourselves and our eyes. So, you can try accentuating your eyes with colors that complement your eye color. For example, if you have green eyes, the best colors for you that would bring out the color of your eyes are different shades of taupes, purples and browns. If you have blue eyes, the most suitable colors for you would be all shades of browns, oranges and corals. Brown eyes, on the other hand, work well with bronzes, coppers and golds while hazel eyes best go with shades such as golds, browns, and greens. When it comes to eye makeup, there are numerous options out there. You can wear a smokey eye or you can enhance your look by adding a bold cat eyeliner, which is sure to make your whole look even sexier! 

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Make your lips pop 

Even if you don’t wear any other makeup, a full, bold-colored lip is something that makes you stand out from the crowd. But before we come to the color, there are some basics we need to cover. Women who are blessed with fuller and voluminous lips usually have problems with dried and chapped lips, which is something you want to avoid. A sure way to avoid this from happening is to treat your lips with products. Make sure you exfoliate regularly to remove the dead skin cells and remember to moisturize them afterward. When you finish prepping your pout, you’re ready for that lip liner. Outline your lips and only then fill them in with a matching lipstick. It’s important to choose your products wisely when it comes to products that go directly to your skin. As far as your lips are concerned, it would be best to use organic lipstick, as it contains only natural ingredients and it lasts long. Add some gloss to make your lips appear even fuller and gently brush a little powdered highlighter off your Cupid’s bow. 

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Shape your brows 

Brows are an important facial feature and that’s why we need to pay special attention to them. Brows outline and define our face. If you’re blessed with natural, full brows, don’t be afraid to show them. Make sure they always look neat and combed. You can use a brow gel to tame the untamed hair. On the other hand, if your eyebrows are too thin and oddly shaped, make sure you shape them and add some volume with brow gels, pomades, tattoo markers or brow powders. 

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Add some volume to your lashes 

The most feminine facial features are definitely our eyelashes. We can accentuate our eyes with mascara only. When it comes to the lashes, the first step is curling them with a heated curler. The second step says to brush off some powder against them to make them longer and then to apply a coat of mascara from both the bottom and topside, in gentle side to side moving motions to separate the lashes. When the first coat dries, then it’s time for the second coat of mascara. This goes both for our upper and lower lash lines. 

Photo courtesy of Pexels

When you know what your best features are and how to enhance them by applying some makeup, you are sure to look natural, fresh and radiant without appearing like you’re trying too hard to achieve that effect.

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