Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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Shopgirls boutique leads the resale movement
with introduction of Pre-Loved shopping events

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Toronto, ON – The retail landscape is currently experiencing a major shift as consumers are moving away from over-consumption, buying less, and editing out the items they already own. Retailers are looking at new and innovative ways to meet the expectations and demands of their customers.

One of those ways is the resale market. Once categorized only within thrift, vintage, or consignment shopping, major retailers and boutiques are now entering into a new era of shopping by reselling previously worn clothing.

Ahead of this trend curve, Toronto’s very own independent clothing boutique Shopgirls introduced their Pre-Loved initiative in late 2019; customers bring in contemporary clothing pieces in excellent condition which they no longer wear to be resold alongside current seasons from some of Canada’s top fashion brands. 

As the interest in the resale market grows and as their customer demand increases, Shopgirls will now host private Pre-Loved events where a member of the public can offer their wares for a fun night of shopping in their boutique setting. 

Shopgirls owner Michelle Germain outside her Parkdale boutique (Photo courtesy of Magnet Creative Management)

This new model of mixing old with new is something shop owner Michelle Germain sees as the next logical step in retail, "There is a definite shift in how people shop, particularly when it comes to fashion. We cannot ignore the ‘Marie Kondo Effect’, not to mention the impact we all know fast fashion has had on the environment. By combining new investment pieces alongside quality Pre-Loved garments we hope to eliminate the guilt-factor of buying clothing."

The first Pre-Loved shopping event will take place at Shopgirls at 1342 Queen Street West on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 from 4pm – 8pm hosted by fashion publicist Gail McInnes and featuring a range of items from international and Canadian brands from her personal wardrobe. Public interested in attending can RSVP to rsvp@magnetcreative.ca or directly to the store at shopgirls.ca/pages/contact-us.

Those interested in hosting their own Pre-Loved event can contact Shopgirls at info@shopgirls.ca or 416-534-7467. More information on how to add pieces to the Pre-Loved collection at Shopgirls can be found here.

Corduroy Long Blazer / HILARY MACMILLAN (Photo courtesy of Shopgirls)


Established in 2007, Shopgirls is a boutique in Parkdale, Toronto that is all about body positivity. Its “Shop Your Shape” philosophy is integrated into the client experience with curated pieces that are tagged for specific body shapes (both online and in-store). For more information, visit shopgirls.ca.

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